First IUI and fingers crossed!


Is anyone in the TWW of their 1st IUI??? (Or any IUI really). So scary cos now if we fail the stakes have gone up.
I had 2 ripe follies and DH had a good SA this time :clap: (11 mill post wash, 80% motility)
:pray: for :bfp:
Hopefully 2012 will be our lucky year!


DH had a SA Friday, still waiting for results. If that goes well, and if I have a good follie scan Friday, I am hopeful for our first IUI on Saturday :cross:

Good luck!


Best of luck to you both! And I know it’s easy for me to say, but try not to pin too much on the first IUI or the first of any course of treatment. At the end of the day, that sperm coming together with that egg is still only a chance. I know that doesn’t sound hopeful on the face of it, but what I mean is, there’s a good chance that the treatment that eventually will get you pregnant may not do so on the first try, but it doesn’t mean it won’t ever! One successful treatment that doesn’t end in pregnancy (meaning a treatment where everything goes well and your body responds correctly but the dice roll isn’t in your favor) has no bearing on future successful treatments. I completely understand where you’re coming from, feeling like the stakes are raised, and I definitely hope you get your positives, but if not, try not to get too discouraged.

AFM, I finally got pregnant on a course of Menopur with an Ovidrel trigger, but my case in point: I did two cycles with the exact same Menopur/Ovidrel treatment. Both cycles, I used the exact same doses of each. Both cycles, I took the same Menopur shots for the same number of days, starting on the same day of the cycle. I even started each cycle on the same day of the week! My body responded exactly the same way, and, after the trigger shot, released six eggs both cycles–mostly half and half from each side. DH’s SA was through the roof, so his little fellas were doing the same thing both cycles. But the first one ended up in a BFN, and the second one ended up in a BFP! I’m a textbook example of the fact that, once you ovulate and before you either get a BFP or AF, what’s going on in there is a total black box still to the doctors. They can’t see what’s happening and they can’t predict what your specific chances will be for that particular cycle. I’ll be :cross: :cross: :cross: for you! :babydust:


I am in the 2ww of my first IUI, I can officially test 12/14 - I am trying to stay positive but it is all I can think about now. I even dreamt about it last night, when i could sleep.


kashiruvana - Congratulations and that is great advice, thank you and will def. try to not loose hope.

Good luck with the IUIs ladies!!! Thinking happy thoughts for everyone :slight_smile:


Staying positive

Thanks guys!
Kashiruvana I’m trying to keep that in mind, I know our chance of success is still only about 17% per cycle. I can’t test till NYE, so it’s going to be a long wait till then, but if I’m not pg I’ll probably get AF on Boxing Day (26/12)
DH and I have booked a holiday to Surfer’s Paradise in QLD in early Jan so if I’m not pg I’ll console myself with snorkeling, kayaking, swimming in the ocean, visiting the big theme parks and generally soaking up the sun!
Summer holidays start for me today (woo!) and I’ve got a glorious 6 weeks of freedom before going back to work again. Hopefully being relaxed will help :slight_smile:
I hope everyone else is doing ok with their 2WW, it’s especially hard at Christmas I think.


Bad bad Boxing Day :frowning:

True to my prediction, got :af: AF on Boxing Day. So depressed. Oh well, at least i’ll be able to go on all the fast rides at the theme parks on my holiday. Small consolation, but it’s better than nothing.
Very depressed.


I’m well aware of our chances for conceiving. And this is my second round of drugs. I am staying positive for success no matter what. I believe it is helping to keep my numbers aligned an helps me cope day to day. We have decided on 3 IUI’s and if it doesnt happen then we figure its just not meant to be and we are already prepared to handle that time if it arrives.


[quote=Dee1983]True to my prediction, got :af: AF on Boxing Day. So depressed. Oh well, at least i’ll be able to go on all the fast rides at the theme parks on my holiday. Small consolation, but it’s better than nothing.
Very depressed.[/quote]

I hear you Dee. Are they going to try another IUI next month? Because i lost mine after a positive, i have to wait for a normal AF, and i have to get a vaccine for chicken pox, apparently i never got one??? So taking a break until at least March. Hope you enjoy your holiday!


You’re right, I knew that our chances of failure were higher than our chances of success, but we can only stay hopeful and positive.
I will try again straight away because I am on summer holidays at the moment and I figure the lack of stress will help, plus I won’t have to keep leaving work to drive to a bigger city nearby for my appointments.
We are going to try 3 times and if it doesn’t work we’ll take a break for about 6 months and save up to go on a holiday. We’d love to see the USA. I’d like to go in June/July cos its cold here then and it will be summer in the US so it would be a really good time to go. Just can’t decide which part of the US I want to see most! Then after we get home we’ll try IVF. That’s the plan anyway. Everyone is always saying forget about it so if the IUI’s don’t work that’s what I want to try and do for a while.