First IUI and I'm a Worried Mess


I’m new to the site, but very happy to be apart of it. I had my first IUI on the 27th of November after taking 100mg of clomid, and the 2ww begins. I was wondering if any of you ladies had early pregnancy symptoms, just curious. I’m so worried now after reading all the internet post that my first IUI will be a bust. I know that it’s very important to think positive, but in all honestly it’s kind of difficult especially when everyhting up to this point has been sort of a struggle. I really need some words of encouragement, thanks. :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: for a :bfp:


Here are my words of advice:

Do your best and not over analyze everything you feel. This is hard to do - but our mind and body can play some crazy tricks on us! Try to relax and keep life and normal as possible and I would not POAS until at least 14 dpiui. You’ll drive yourself crazy.

I was a mess my first iui too - but the second and third 2ww’s were better than that first.

Hang in there!


MereBear is right, we simply cannot obsess over every little thing. Some people have symptoms in their 2WW, others have none at all. Sometimes the symptoms are just the result of the medications you’ve taken.

The best thing that you can do is relax and be good to your body. Stress definitely does not help!


I agree it’s best to just RELAX. I had just as many or more symptoms during my Clomid/injectible/IUI cycles as I did when I was actually pregnant. Don’t read too much into the symptoms -you can have tons of symptoms and not be pregnant, or you can have no symptoms and get your BFP.

I felt like we went through so much to just get started on our IUIs - the testing, the finances, etc… we are now on our third round of IUI, and I have to say it’s gotten easier. I hope you get your BFP after your first IUI cycle, but if not, you will just learn more about your body and what to do next time.

GOOD LUCK and lots of babydust!:babydust:


Thanks Ladies

I’m really going to try to focus on the positives of the situation, and not drive myself crazy over every little thing.


I just had my first IUI on Nov 27th as well, so we are cycle buddies!! I am trying to stay relaxed and not think too much about the IUI. I have read so much on these forums and things are so varied from person to person and IUI to IUI. Some people have lots of symptoms and get bfp while others have no symptoms and get bfp.

I am just trying not to think about it too much and just :pray: like crazy that this works the first time!

I am currently not having any symptoms. I have no cramping or pain. I am a little bloated, but I have been this entire cycle. I am also more tired that usual, but I think that is just b/c I cut all caffeine out of my diet.

I am going to try to hold out until 14dpiui to POAS, but DH wants to do it on 12dpiui. We shall see :slight_smile:

Lots of :babydust: to you!


Welcome! I had my first IUI on 11/11/10 so I completely understand what you are going through. I think that you just have to remember that we are all different and will react differently to the same meds, procedures, etc. It’s hard to stop yourself from comparing what you are feeling to what everyone else has written on here - but you have to keep an open mind and positive thoughts while going through this! I just started my cycle last week so I will be back in the 2ww soon! I tend to compare myself to everyone else on here - but I know I shouldn’t!

STAY STRONG! :bsv: & :babydust: to you! I hope this one works out for you!!!


I also had my IUI on the 27th so I’m with you! I will echo what everyone else has said about trying not to overanalyze your symptoms. At the same time, I DEFINITELY overanalyze my own. The problem is that, especially if you’re on progesterone, the meds can mimic pregnancy symptoms. I will tell you that a woman I went through IVF with had been pregnant 5 times before either naturally or via IUI but lost each pregnancy. She had symptoms even during the 2ww with those pregnancies. She had NO symptoms with her IVF so convinced herself it failed. Not only did she get her BFP she delivered a healthy girl. So hard to know what to make of symptoms or lack thereof.

And don’t forget that if you took an HCG shot to trigger ovulation that it will give you a false BFP on a urine preg test - usually it’s out of your body in 10 days or so. Just in case you get tempted to POAS really early :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck!



Thanks For The Support

:bsv: to all, and its nice to know that I have cycle buddies. I hope we all get a :bfp: as an early Christmas present.


GL to you - I had my first IUI on November 27th also!


Babydust, I dont have any great advise for you other than to say that the 2ww has gotten better for me everytime. I hope that this is the one for you, though, so you dont have to go through it again!
Good luck to you:bsv:


Just had my IUI today! Glad that there are other people to go through this with :slight_smile: Hoping for some Christmas miracles!!!


I had my first IUI on 11/28/10. I did 13 days of Follistim (33-50-75) then HCG trigger on 11/26. I had 3 follicles…13mm,14mm, and 23mm.

Good luck to you all!


[quote=essemkay]I know how hard it is NOT to drive yourself crazy over-analyzing every twinge. But here’s a little timeline to help: implantation takes place 6 to 12 days after fertilization, then it takes a few days for the level of hcg to be high enough to trigger a urine test.

For the vast majority of people, it’s not until the hcg levels are high enough for a positive pregnancy test that they’re high enough to give you any symptoms. That being said, the trigger shots ARE hcg, so they can cause the same types of symptoms you’d be feeling from natural hcg. Also, progesterone supplements can cause the same types of pregnancy symptoms. Also, after doing stims, you can feel lots of twinges and stretching and pains as your ovaries get back to normal.

So the majority of people who have symptoms during the two week wait have them from the drugs and not actually from a pregnancy, although they may ALSO be pregnant, it’s simply too early.

Good luck!! :babydust::babydust:[/quote]
I totally agreed with essemkay here, as a lot of the symptoms that we are having during the 2ww might be from the progesterone or even the hCG trigger shot. I had my iui on 11/18 so my 2ww is soon to be ended (will do home pregnancy test on 12/4 per RE). Below are the symptoms I have during the 2ww:

  1. Cramping for a few days after the iui
  2. Feeling fatigue all the time and have to go to bed early then usual at night (might be from progesterone suppository I’ve been using)
  3. Feeling more thirsty
  4. Urinate more frequently
  5. Higher BBT temperature opposed to previous cycles without medication (might be from progesterone suppository I’ve been using)
  6. Sore breasts on 13dpiui

It’s so hard not to notice how your body changes even though you might just be over analyzing it. But my hubby keeps telling me stop doing all these as it WILL NOT help me get pregnant!

Good luck and peace everyone!