First IUI and One Tube


Hello everyone we just had our first IUI yesterday…my DH has no issues but I have one tube, I was wondering if anyone else has done IUI’s with one tube and had good results?

I had one follicle on my left side (good tube), measuring 18 and I had three on my right side (but those don’t really matter anyways).

I did 12 days of 75 of follistim and took the ovidrel Sunday evening.


Is your tube COMPLETELY out of commission? I’m not in the exact same situation, but an HCG test indicated that my left tube had a possibility of a partially blocked tube. Despite that I’ve been pregnant 3 times (one a miscarriage). I’ve heard about a lot of women getting pregnant with just one tube so I know it’s possible. Good luck!


I do not have a right tube I had an ectopic and the tube ruptured so I only have a functioning left tube. Thank you for sharing, it makes me feel better. We had the IUI on 22 Nov, so hopefully I have begginers luck!