First IUI in the morning!


My IUI is scheduled for Friday am at 11am. I took 5mg of femara this cycle and did a trigger shot at 7:30am today. I only have one follicle that is 20mm and I have a lining of 9. This is our first cycle…I thought I would have more follicles so that was disappointing. The doctor was not at all worried about this. She said that I have no fertility issues and that all my blood work was great. Maybe I am just a crazy emotional mess but I just feel like that is not really a great start.

My baseline testing on CD 2 was this:
AMH 1.2
FSH: 9
Esteriold: 20

This cycle my testing was this:
CD3: FSH was 7 ans my esteriold was 27



Good Luck

I just wanted to wish you the best of luck and lots and lots of sticky vibes! I will be praying for you!:cheer:

Babydust coming your way!:bsv:


Eeeek! How exciting! I have my first IUI this month too. Wish you the best of luck honey. Trust your RE!


I got pregnant with one follicle on our 1st IUI ttc our 2nd child. I never thought it would work, but it did. Dont throw in the towel and try to think positively. Good luck! :babydust: :babydust: :bsv: :bsv:


Good Luck JRD. I had my IUI this morning too. :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: to you!


The one thing I have learned about this whole process since I have been on this forum… and it is a big one…

That you will drive yourself crazy searching this site looking for answers… trying to figure out what the magic equation is to get you BFN… There isnt one!!

I have seen women with 4 follies and 100 mil post wash with a 95% motility month after month get a BFN!

Then I have seen women with 1 follie like at (14mm) and 855K sperm with 40% motility get pregnant first try!

My RE just told me on Thursday… that they can do everything right medically… have a good wash… good follies… good timing and it still not work… after they do there job and scientifically it seems it will work but that they have learned there is another factor in this big equation… The man upstairs!!

I wish you the best of luck and don’t get discouraged!!


Wishing all of you the best of luck!

I had my first IUI yesterday too - 26 hours after my trigger.