First IUI - Need Support, Please!


Hello everyone, This is my first time posting. I just had my first IUI done after 2 months of failed treatment, and a year of trying on our own. My body finally responded to Bravelle. I’ve had a number of issues myself (low estrogen, thin lining, follicles not growing) but luckily I seem to have found the right recipe. My Hubby, however, has some MF infertility that we’re still dealing with.

Here’s my history:

Cycle 1: Femara 2.5mg CD 5-9. 20+ follicles but nothing matured over 11mm. Uterine lining 3.2. Cancel cycle

Cycle 2: Femara 5mg CD 5-9 plus estrace daily. Same response as month before.

Cycle 3: Bravelle injections (75IU) CD 2-11. Follicles measured 21mm, 16mm and 11mm - trigger shot (HCG) on CD12. IUI on CD 13. Hubby’s SA showed severe agglutination, total motile count 5.2 million, 36% motility. Good morphology.

We also did TI 36 hours before the IUI and the day after the IUI. Hubby said his “sample” didnt look right the day of the IUI - I think he got nervous and didnt like it being in the morning.

Has anyone had success with this type of scenario? I’m concerned we had just the one follicle (although that follicle grew 6mm in 2 days, so it is possible the 16mm grew to maturity in the one day after the HCG shot) and the SA wasnt so good. I’m only 1 DPIUI and I’m not sure how I’m going to make it through the 2WW!

Any support or success stories you could share would be wonderful. Thank you in advance!!



Rooting for you

Hi Nicole,

So glad to see that this last round of meds worked out so well for you. My sucess story is a bit different but I wanted to share to hopefully give you some encouragement. For my successful IUI I had 2 “mature” follicles and one at 16 but we had less sperm, a paltry 4 mil. I thought that cycle was a bust for sure but fast forward 2 years and I have the most wonderful little boy as a result of it.

I will be sending positive thoughts, prayers and lots of :babydust: yor way.


thank you!

Thanks so much for sharing your story. It is sometimes difficult to stay positive, but the fact the injections worked really got me excited. I’m sending positive thoughts and vibes to my utrus now, lol.


I was the opposite of you Nicole, I hated the time from my first blood test to the day of IUI.
Once I got my IUI done, I was so relieved that it was over and not more instructions to follow. It was disappointing however that after 3 IUI’s I never became pregnant. In all of them I had 3 good size follicles and close to 20million sperm count.
It can be very stressful some times. I am on my 2WW as well. Just had round 4 a couple of days ago. Will know by August 7th.

I hope you get good results! if not, just hand in there. You need to do at least 4 or 5 rounds.