First IUI this weekend (10/31)


Hi Ladies,

I am going to be having my first IUI this weekend. I go in tomorrow for my second u/s. I went in on Tuesday CD11 for follicle check. I had a 14mm, and 3 smaller ones. My lining was 5.2mm. My RE said that is thin, but should get thicker. I am very nervous because this is all new. My DH and I have been ttc for 3 years.

Me: 35 and no underlying issues
DH: 36 and good SA

Unexplained Infertility

Cycle 1:
CD3: u/s and all looks good
CD3-7 100 mg clomid
CD11: u/s check for follicles (14mm and 3 smaller)
CD14: u/s (TOMORROW)

I am thinking I will trigger tomorrow and have my first IUI on Sunday.

Reading all these posts have been very helpful for me. I don’t have any friends going through this tough battle of infertility and it’s nice to read other womens stories of how things have turned out.

I’m :pray: that all of us will have :bfp:


Best of luck to you!