First IVF attempt!


Hi all,

I’m new here and about to start my first IVF cycle at the end of this month/beginning of January after two years of TTC and 5 early losses. Just started bcp last week. I’m so nervous and have so many questions. How do I know the protocol is right for me? How do you avoid OHSS? AHHH!

Anyone else on this schedule?



Good luck on your IVF journey! It’s definitely a steep learning curve in the beginning, but you’ll find you’re soon an expert.

As far as protocol and OHSS, that’s what you’re paying the big $ for, so try to trust your RE and trust that they’re going to use the protocol they most think will work for you (without giving you OHSS).

I would recomend joining a thread that corresponds with the month you’ll be cycling, so either December or January. You should be able to find them under " IF treatments" the “IVF” then look for the month you feel more comfortable in. Once you start comparing stories, you may find that what your RE is doing is very consistent with what others are as well. That may give you more confidence.

Good luck!


Hey there!! Don’t stress About OHSS it’s very rare. You may get a few mild symptoms. Drink lots of Gatorade and eat salty foods after ER. The physical stuff really isn’t too bad, it’s the waiting thats hard! Waiting for u/s, fertilization reports, and of course the pregnancy test!! Best advice I ever got about IVF is expect the unexpected! Good luck!


Welcome! Sorry to hear about all of your losses; we went through 3 early losses before finally having our little miracle boy. You really can’t know if the protocol is right…etc. You just have to try and have faith in your RE. The process is not bad at all, it is the emotional rollercoaster that sux! We just started bcp and will be doing an FET around Jan 19th. So we are close, but you are a little ahead of me. We have been through pretty much anything you can imagine, so if you have any questions, I would be glad to help. Good luck to you, I hope this is the cycle for you!!!


Thank you all so much. I’m trying really hard to trust in my doctor, I just feel like I have so much information (and a lot of it conflicting from different doctors) and so making the decision about who to go with and who to listen to has been SO HARD. I’m lucky to live in a place where there are A LOT of choices for me. In one sense it’s been great but now it’s just stressful. I know now I have to relax and trust though. YIKES. I think I keep obsessing about OHSS because it seems so frightening…worst case scenario! Glad to hear that it’s rare. I’ve joined a few different threads with women cycling about the same time, so hopefully I’ll see you all over there. Thanks again!


Try not to worry too much about the OHSS, it is more the exception than the rule. Good luck to you. If you are having multiple opinions, you could share some of them on here. I’m sure there would be plenty of people willing to weigh in :). That may just confuse you even more though!