First IVF Cycle and I'm so scared- Day 6 of stims and very low E2


This is my first time doing IVF and I’m on a Lupron Flare protocol. My cycle so far has been as follows:
3/11/13- Baseline E2=47.5
3/13/13- Last BCP
3/16/13- Start MDL Protocol - 20units(0.2cc)/300 Gonal-F/2 vials of Menopur
3/19/13- Day 4 of stims E2=73
3/21/13- Day 6 of stims E2=83.9 RE saw several unmeasurable follies in each ovary.

When I went in today for my u/s and bloodwork. My RE said they were hoping my E2 was at least 100. So when she called me this afternoon saying my e2 had only risen to 83.9 I was devastated. She said to continue my meds and she was hopeful that by Saturday my E2 would be higher because of the activity she saw in my ovaries. I’m so scared cause I’m on what they consider an aggressive protocol and I have such low E2. Any one have a successful cycle that started out similar to mine?


hang in there. a lot can change in a day.


Yes! A lot can happen in a few days! On day 5 of my stims, my E2 was only 80… I was stim for another 7 days and it was 2300… So total of 12 days and try retrieved 14 eggs.

Hang in there ! They can jump faster than you think!


Thank you all! After reading all your replies I feel hopeful that my body will wake up and start responding. I go back tomorrow morning and I’ll let y’all know how it goes. Praying for progress! :pray:


I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum. I did not respond to MDL at all. My RE could not get it through his head that it wasn’t for me, and he tried it several times. His stubborness cost me a lot of money!!! I have one ovary and my reserve is very low. MDL was the most aggressive protocol he had- or so he thought! Finally after the third try, and third cancellation on MDL, we went back to the drawing board. I ended up trying a new protocol that he never did before. It was an antagonist protocol with femara (for the 1st 5 days)+ stims (300 follistim, 225 menopur). I stimmed 9 days, had 8 eggs retrieved, 100% fertilization, and one frosty!! He added this protocol to his protocol list for poor responders. If you’re ever interested, send me a PM and I will give you the details.
Some woman do not respond to MDL, but they can to another aggressive protocol. if it’s not working out shortly, cut your losses and save those expensive meds. Protocol response are so variable, and there might be a better one out there for you.


Went in yesterday and my follies still were unmeasurable but we saw at least 9. I thought for sure I was going to be devastated by my E2 numbers. The nurse called me and said I was finally responding. My E2 was 218!!!:clap: From 83 to 218 in two days is awesome!!! :cheer: Lots of prayers between visits and I know that prayer truly makes a difference. Ladies I’m asking that you keep me in your prayers that tomorrow my numbers and follies continue in the positive direction.


Glad to hear that your E2 is rising!!! I do agree with Luv4R… that if you are not happy with your results you should demand to try something else, but hopefully that will be a mute point for you! Good luck to you.