First IVF with ICSI - not going according to plan, help!


New here
1st ivf with icsi, hasn’t exactly gone according to plan.
15 eggs retrieved but only 7 were mature (which I think suggests egg problem, but we thought I was fine and only male factor). Then 4 of 7 fertilized with icsi (low?) and on day 3 the 2 remaining embies were each 10 cells - is that too many? Re said it’s guarded odds, might not make it…
Because we only had 2 we transferred them yesterday. Terrified, hopeful, tearful!
Any advice?
Anyone go through anything like this?
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Wishing – so you transferred two 10 cell embies? Day 3 or day 5? I think your stats look on target. My first ivf had 10 eggs retrieved, 6 were mature and fertilized with ICSI… so I think you’re good. 10 cell on day 3 is good!! I am no expert but from what ive read your odds are great!!


Thank you laurieb.
I thought 10 cells at day 3 was too many?
We didn’t wait for day 5 as we only had 2 and were worried we wouldn’t have any at day 5…


Hi Wishing
I did my 1st IVF in march/April 2011 and only had 6 eggs and icsi with 2 and put 2 in which one was grade A and one grade B… We transferred on day 3 also becasue we did t have many eggs and non e made it to freezing:( And we had a healthy baby girl 9 months later. It was really scary because we didn’t have many to choose from but it all worked out. Now we are getting ready to start our 2nd IVF cycle. I just started BC a couple days ago!
Hoping you 1st IVF worked for you!


can be normal and fine

10 cells on D3 isn’t what I would call expected, but it certainly does NOT mean there is a problem. I’ve seen patients do absolutely fine with D3 embryos at 10 or even 12 cells. They’ve gotten very pregnant with these (after growing to blastocysts) and they test normal with PGS at the same rate as 8 cell embryos. Don’t write them off based on that. I would have preferred to see them taken to D5, however that ship has sailed. Good luck.