First loss


Sadly… I’m in the middle of my first miscarriage. I have three healthy kids… Never had a problem with a pregnancy before… I know I am blessed in that respect. By this kind of blind sided me. Never saw it coming. At 7 weeks 3 days I had my first sono and saw a baby that had a 134 bpm heart rate: everything seemed fine. (But was measuring 6 wks 5 days… At the time they said my dates were probably just off). The next day I started spotting. After 2 days of panic and increased bleeding… A sono confirmed that the heart had stopped. It was so hard… (Three days after a healthy sono …to see a baby that had stopped growing a 6 weeks 5 days and a heartbeat that stopped at 7 weeks 6 days.) I opted to lose it naturally… and I’m on day 13 counting from the first day I started spotting. I’m hoping its almost over. I go back for my check up on Friday for a sono to see if its all gone.

I have several questions for those of you who have experience… In a Transvaginal sonogram… The kind they will do on Friday… Would they be able to tell me if I look to be gearing up to ovulate? Can they tell? Based on how the ovaries look or uterus lining? Sorry if that’s a silly question. Just wondering when my fertility will be returning and if a sono 2 weeks after the start of a miscarriage would possibly give me any signs?

Also… Even thought I have had a ton of bleeding and clots… I never witnessed a “sack” or anything that other people sometimes describe at 7 weeks along… I’m worried that means its still inside me. But honestly I didn’t always state at the toilet. I didn’t want to look sometimes and sometimes it was so dark in the water I wouldn’t be able to see what was what anyways. I just didn’t know if I should have been able to tell or feel when it happened…


[SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Lotsagals – I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Big hug! We are always here to support you and give you feedback. Your u/s Friday should show whether you have passed the sac/baby. Hopefully you can avoid a D&C. It takes your body 1-2 cycles to get back to normal. Hence you won’t be ovulating at your appt Friday. Your DR may recommend allowing your body time to recuperate for at least 3 months (cycles) before TTC again. [/FONT][/SIZE]


I saw my doctor today… The sonogram showed that my uterus is almost empty. The entire upper part looked good. There was a tiny area in the lower segment but she she said its so little my body should reabsorb it. 5mm x 7mm She gave me a medicine that should stop my bleeding. She also checked my hormone levels and said my hcg is at 330. (Today marks 2 weeks since I found out it is indeed a miscarriage and took my first dose of cytotec). She said there is no reason I should wait to conceive again… And once my level is at zero I can expect a period in 3-4 weeks. So obviously ovulation could happen sometime before that.

Anyone know how quickly I can expect my hcg to drop if its at 330 today?


[FONT=Arial]I would have to say 5-7 days. Depends on how quick the cytotec works? [/FONT]


No I took the cytotec 2 weeks ago when this started… Not taking anything currently now.


Lotsagals - i’m so so sorry. I felt blindsighted too- so much excitement and then so much sadness. I had a natural miscarriage and wasn’t able to keep the sac; however, I felt it pass. But I get it, there were times, that looking in the toilet was the last thing I wanted to do. By the time I had my 2nd ultrasound, there was only residual blood left and by 3 weeks, I was back to 5 hcg. I waited one full cycle before trying again. My cycle got back on track pretty quickly.