First month charting


This is my first month charting, and I would love some feedback. The first sixteen days of my cycle, I had a nasty cold, and I think that may have elevated my BBT during that time. This is my first cycle off of birth control pills in many years, and I have no idea how long my typical cycle will end up being. Do you think I have ovulated so far this cycle? If so, when? Thanks for any thoughts you can share!

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Sarah :pray:


A cold could throw off your temps. Especially if you used cold medicines or even a pain reliever.

I do not see any discernible ovulation pattern. There is a huge dip on CD 18 that could be indicative of an LH surge, but your OPK was negative and if you did ovulate you should have done so within about 48hrs of that dip and there is no coinciding rise after that dip to indicate ovulation.

I assume you are taking your temps at the same time every morning and before you get up to do anything? If not make sure you are doing that. Otherwise your temps will be all over the place. Also, some meds will mess with getting accurate results so if you are taking any on a regular basis check that too.

Just looking at this chart had I not known the cold info I would say that so far it is annovulatory.

It may just be that you did not ovulate this first cycle off the birth control, or that the cold messed up your temps enough to make an inaccurate chart or even to stress your body enough not to ovulate, or that you just haven’t ovulated yet. It may not be common, but it is not unheard of to ovulate late in the cycle so just keep charting. That is really all you can do at this point.

:cross: your next cycle shows ovulation and you are able to try to conceive. I got pregnant with my two youngest like this so…it can be very effective if you are ovulating. Good luck! :flower: