First parenthood ever


It’s an amazing feeling! We’ve changed our status not so long ago and haven’t got used to it yet.
Negotiating the first few weeks of parenthood for our family was a bit tricky. To start with, my physical recovery wasn’t so easy at the first stages. We had to take cesarean section to exclude all possible complications. So, I’m still in the process of healing.
There’s also the emotional side to life after the birth. From time to time our ‘baby blues’ cause my mild depression and anxiety. It might continue from a few hours to a few days.
My doctor says this is because of hormonal changes in my organism. Besides I have no opportunity to rest as much as I need. Sometimes I’m so tired that start feeling sorry for myself. In such moments a heart-to-heart talk with someone sympathetic really helps much.
The first few weeks were isolating, even lonely at times for both of us. So, I made an effort to get out and meet new mums. I made an important conclusion: leaving the house every day, even though it may feel like scaling Mount Everest, can really help lift your mood.


This is one of the most amazing feeling you can ever get. Getting into parenthood takes little time to sulk in.