First RE appointment


For those of you who have seen an RE…

I have a new patient appointment this Friday, which is 8 dpo…do you think that’s enough time before my next cycle to get a plan in place with injects and maybe Femara?

I know sometimes there are tests they want beforehand…but in my case…I have children with my partner and was pg. as recently as Jan…(had an early loss). I do not believe I have any other issues than the fact that I’m 44. So I’m hoping they won’t want a SA for hubby or any other pre-testing for me, but I don’t know how these things work.

I do have records from my OB that they will have Friday…CD3 bloodwork from a few months ago (which was all normal) and my 3 clomid cycle ultrasounds.

I know every Dr. is different and one can’t say for sure, but I’d like your experiences. I have it in my head to start something this next cycle and it just occurred to me, they might have other things they want done first…but I hope not.

Any insight? I’ve never seen an RE before.


If they don’t require additional testing you should be fine, but if they do, it will be cutting it close. I had to do bloodwork, and a HSG test and DH needed SA. If you haven’t had a HSG, they may want to do that to make sure your tubes are clear (especially with a recent loss). I think that has to be done on CD 5-10, so you may be able to squeeze it in.