First Response Tests (Early vs Rapid)


Hello ladies! Help needed! I am 6dp5dt this morning. I had my blood drawn 2 days ok to check estrogen level and my hcg level at that time (4dp) was a 7. This 7 could have been the remaining trigger/booster hcg OR the very beginning of pregnancy hormone.

So instead of waiting for my beta like I hoped I would, I let the curiousity get the best of me last night (5 days past) and used a First Response Early Result test. After the 3 minute window, I could see the very faintest shadow of a second line when I would hold the test up in the light. It was very very faint and only someone struggling with infertility would acknowledge it’s existance. Some would only acknowledge to be polite. lol

This morning, like a crazy person, I used the other left over pregnancy test that was in my cabinet. This one was in a blue package labeled Rapid Results. It was stark white. :frowning: I did the only sane thing I could think of, and went out and purchased 3 more boxes of the early results. I have also been googling like crazy trying to find the sensitivity of the rapid results but I can only find the sensitivity of the early results.

Does anyone have this information or any thoughts?