First Round Follistim not working well


This is my first round with follistim, and so far it hasn’t be a smooth ride. I went in for my day 3 ultrasound and estrogen level, and my ovaries were cyst free, but estrogen was only 0.6 - it could hardly be lower! So they didn’t let me start the follistim.

Then I returned on day 5 for a repeat estrogen and that was 18. I took 250 IU daily x 4 days.

Today is day 9, I went in for another ultrasound and estrogen. One ovary appeared to be responding, the other showed nothing, and my estrogen was DOWN to 15. They told me they expected it to be 500. I’m continuing with the 250 IU today and tomorrow, then have to return to the clinic on Monday to check it all again.

I am trying not to be completely discouraged, but it’s pretty hard not to be. If I don’t respond to the Follistim, I feel like I should just give up.

Does anyone else out there have this low estrogen problem? Or took an extended period of time to respond to injectable medications? I need some hope to get me through this.




I too suffer from very low estrogen as in like none!!! I have been on patches Ive responded well to clomid but I’m still not preggers so I have one more round of clomid and patches then it’s onto injectables…
Agnes don’t give up us girls will help each other through this…I’m in the early dec thread…there are a no of ladies from nov iui’s moving to dec…


Thank you so much for the encouragement. I went back to get bw/us today. Ultrasound showed the follicles I had getting a little bigger, but no new ones. Right ovary doing nothing at all. Estrogen up to 60 … still not very high, but that’s improvement. I go back on Wednesday for repeat bw/us again.


Hang in there! Wife was a slow responder to Follistim. Her RE was cautious about bumping up her dosage. I think they are trying very hard not to over do it and get it right without sending you into OHSS. 2nd round was the trick for us.


Well, they told me 300 IU daily was the max dose, I was started on 250 IU daily. There’s not very far to go from where I’ve started. I guess my worry is if I am already maxed out and its not working, is it worth trying another month? We can’t go up very much in my dosing.


I’m going through almost the same thing right now with my estrogen. Did five days injects Lepori (Menopur) and then went in for an US on cd8 and only four small follies (two more than I had on cd3 baseline but almost no size change) and my E2 was only 50…talk about frustrating.

My RE also seems to be going very low and slow to make sure I don’t overstim - which, I appreciate, but at the same time I sure wish I could see more follies mature!


I am going through the same thing! I just finished my first round of Follitism and my estrogen levels were so low. Half way through they bumped me to 225iu from 150iu but my estrogen continued to go down. I was so discouraged. Next round they think they will just start at 225. I did have two follicles growing in my right ovary but like you my left ovary did nothing. Ill keep my fingers crossed for you and hopefully we both get good estrogen levels.


My body responded WORSE when they upped the dose of Menopur. The RE said that sometimes your body gets confused and shuts down. We changed meds the next cycle and I responded like crazy. It’s hard to be patient, but wait it out…they will figure out your dose eventually! :slight_smile:


First Round Follistim not working

I started at 125IU on cd4, ultrasound on cd8 showed 1 follicle to does was increased to 150. cd11 showed a rupture so I and the doc think ovulation as on cd10. I have irregular cycles and low FSH, the best levels I have had have been 8-10 and as high as 18. Doc says he thinks I’m periomenopasual because of irregular peroids and low FSH. He suggested egg donor after only 1 round. It seems like another round or 2 of higher doses and me tracking my ovulation at home might help. Very disappointed that he gave up on me. Need advice.


My first round follistim was unsuccessful, and I’m reluctant to try it again since I was already on 250 a day. My doctor wanted to give it another go, but I think I’m gonna try a couple months of femara now, just to see what happens, and to recoup financially. After one month though, I wouldn’t think going straight a donor would be your next option. I know every doctor is different, but if you and your doctor aren’t on the same page, I’d say talk to him about it or get another opinion/doctor. Good luck.