First round of clomid. Few questions


Hi all. I’m 30 and am on my first round of clomid. I’ve been on metformin for almost a month. I took clomid days 5-9 I’m on day 10 now.
Today is the first day I’ve had any emotional reaction. I’m hoping it passes quickly. And this morning I could feel my overies. Not pain just an odd feeling on each side in the general area. Not sure if this is normal. We have been told by our dr to have intercourse daily from day 9-17.
Could someone fill me in on what happened on your cycles. Oh yeah and I took 50 mg strength.


Hi! That sounds like a good plan. I too didn’t get sonograms to see exactly what was happening with my ovaries but they did do progesterone tests after to confirm if I had ovulated (we don’t think I ever did). You might request that they take a look if you don’t have success in the first few cycles, or it’s inconclusive if you ovulated.

GOOD LUCK! :babydust:



I don’t want to demoralize you; but I have had 6 clomid (50 mg) cycles with intercourse. Each failed. I had no side effects though. Each person is different and so is every body… hope it works for you. If the Dr. is not tracking ovulation it will be a good idea to use OPK to better plan intercourse. Good luck!