First round of Clomid


So I met with my OB yesterday, we decided we will give Clomid a try before IUI. She put me right onto 100mg of Clomid. Even with my insurance the Clomid was $80! Ouch!

I started my Prometrium last night to make me get a period. Day 10 of Prometrium will be Dec 17th. I should start my period on the 18th. Day 1 of Clomid should be Dec 20th through Dec 24th (days 3-7).

OB said for me to start ovulation testing on CD 10 (Dec 27th - hubby’s Birthday :wink: ). If no LH surge by CD 16 then possibly try a trigger shot (no idea what that is?). If no LH surge by CD 30-35 then we know the Clomid isn’t making me ovulate and we might just go straight to IUI

Can anyone give me some ideas about what the Clomid will be like? I’ve heart hot flashes, mood swings, etc. I just want to be prepared.

Doc was talking about a trigger shot and follicles, no clue what all that means. Can anyone give me some more info?

Here goes!


:welcome: Crystal! Sorry you have to be here, but I hope you find all the answers you’re looking for.

For me, Clomid has been pretty boring, which I’m not complaining about one bit. I haven’t had any noticeable side effects, other than dry CM, but I use Pre-Seed for that. Others have had very intense s/e…some being hot flashes, headaches, mood swings, nausea. It really depends from person to person on the amount and severity. :cross: you won’t have any to worry about.

The trigger shot is given to basically force ovulation. Typically, you’ll ovulate approximately 36 hours after the shot. I’ll be doing my first one this cycle so I’m really excited about it - not a masochist, just ready to ovulate! :slight_smile:

The follicle is where the egg develops in your ovary. Ovulation occurs when the follicle ruptures and releases the egg. Your RE may have you come in mid-cycle for a follicle scan, to see how many mature follicles you have.

I’d suggest checking out the Clomid board. You’ll find a lot of ladies over there at different stages in their journeys.
Clomid Support Message Board

Good luck!!


Awesome! Thanks for the info! I appreciate it! :slight_smile:


[B]I tried clomid first when I had anovulatory cycles. For like 4 tries. It gave me dizziness, nausea cramps and made my period late. Everytime I thought I was pregnant. :af: on my last try on clomid it made me bleed alot, so much the blood would go down my leg and into a puddle, I was hospitalized with fever and I had the worst sore breast imaginable.
About the prices…ouch…I never paid that for clomid and my insurance never covered it , straight from my pocket. In walgreens I paid 23.00 and in Sam’s Club 11.00 is I’m not mistaken. [/B]


Clomid is actually one of the cheapest fertility drugs, so hopefully it works for you! Everybody is different but I have ZERO side effects. I always took Tylenol to prevent headaches. I got the advise online, and I never got a headache so not sure if it was the Tylenol or I just got lucky, LOL However, Clomid never worked for me… I never ovulated on it but I have PCOS and am insulin resistant, and they say that women whom are insulin resistant can also be resistant to Clomid… so that could have been my problem. I have yet to do a trigger shot, just because I have yet to have any matured follicles so sorry I can’t give you much info on that. I wish you lots of luck!


I responded well on Clomid and had no side effects (I have classic PCOS), but I know everybody’s different, and then I didn’t have side effects either when I used injectibles. I hope it works well for you!
The trigger shot, like others have said, is what causes follicles to release eggs. It is just one (metaphorically) big shot of HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, which your body makes naturally when it’s time to ovulate. HCG is one of the 5 (from my understanding) hormones involved in the fertility cycle. Let’s see, IIRC–estrogen rises in the first part of the cycle, as does FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) to help the eggs grow in follicles on the outside of the ovary. HCG causes ovulation, and LH (luteinizing hormone) is in there somewhere but I always forget exactly where. Progesterone rises after that which is necessary to sustain a pregnancy and causes all those PMS symptoms (which are the same as early pregnancy symptoms). Follicles that don’t release eggs turn into cysts, so sometimes, especially with IF treatment, you’ll have ovarian cysts between cycles but they’ll go away.
That’s my extremely rough and approximately accurate description of the whole process. Right now Barnes and Noble has a couple of really descriptive books that go into it in detail–one that I like is Pregnancy Day by Day, and another fascinating one if you’re interested is The Pregnant Body Book.
Anyway, sorry to go on about it, but maybe you’ll find it useful! I started getting into reading all about it during my treatments.