First scan tomorrow


Hello to all here!!!
Can’t express my feelings at this moment!! :):):slight_smile:
30 May - our first scan day!! Crazy about this!!!
Don’t know what to write, I’m just happy!!!
And I wish every infertile woman get to know how is to be pregnant!!!


Hello dear! My congratulations on the upcoming event in your surrogacy journey! That’s really amazing feeling I understand you completely. We are waiting for your updates with detailed description… :slight_smile:


I’m so nervous, can’t find words to describe my inner state right now. you know, it’s nice and exhausted at one moment. we have already wrote email to our manager but she told to wait a bit because the ultrasound should be translated. frankly I can’t stand this, I feel I need to be there, but we were told we could see our surrogate after 12 weeks of the pregnancy.
unfortunately I don’t know if I could see her at that scan because my boss is strict and rude sometimes. I’m not sure he would give me days off. But let’s believe in good, right?
What about you? sorry I don’t remember your story, could you please tell in short about you updates, thanks


I am so happy for you. You remind me when I was pregnant. Before that I had moved from one clinic to another looking for help. My insurance does not cover my ART’s treatment so I had to use my savings. You can imagine the cost that I went. So I really had to be picky with the clinic that I was going to use. Then I came to know of bio texcom clinic. I was very satisfies with their results and I am now apparent. At first it was so overwhelming. When I first managed to hold my bundle of joy. It was so breath raking. It is a feeling that you have never felt before. That is why I believe nothing beats motherhood. So let me officially welcome you to motherhood.


I know exactly how you feel. I had my ET, followed by spotting, could not relax until 6 week eps! Finally scan day arrived (no sleep night before), we were a nervous wreck. All sorts going through our heads…all negative thoughts.
We saw a beautiful heart beat…a very special moment…
Then we had our 12 week scan…beautiful little baby on the screen just gave us more reassurance it’s real :grinning: