First time consultation


Hi everyone, I’m brand new here so I’m trying to learn how all this works. I just had my first consultation with a RE after 1 year and 7 months of trying to conceive. I have Stage iv endometriosis and an autoimmune disorder and my husband’s sperm analysis came back normal. When I went to the RE last week he seemed to really feel I would never get pregnant naturally and that IVF was my only option. He had not examined me, just looked at my records and spoke to me. I was curious if anyone with similar issues was able to concieve with an IUI or if it is normal for IVF to be the only option presented for the severity of my endometriosis. I am having a transvaginal ultrasound tomorrow so :cross: that everything looks good!


Hey Sandy, Just thought since you had no replies I would chime in. I have seen several women go through a bunch of IUIs before moving onto IVF. I think they all wish they would have just skipped it all together. I wonder if he has not recommended IUI in your case because of your endo? I think with endo you run the chance of having an issue with scar tissue near your tubes making IUI less likely to work? Don’t be afraid to speak up if this is something you are interested in. The most important thing I have learned through my IF journey is to be my own advocate. I hope your u/s went well and that you are well on your way with a plan that you like! Good luck.


Hi sandy. I too have stage 3-4 endo. Knowing this I did three unsuccessful rounds of IUI. DH sperm is normal. I have diminished ovarian reserve and am a poor responder so I only had 1-2 measurable follies at IUI dose of Stims.

My RE recommended ivf at that point bc of my DOR and bc he said that women with endo have more problems due to scar tissue and blockages.

Yesterday the Sher institute posted on either twitter or Facebook a study that Dr Sher did that discussed some chemical that women with endo put out that effects ovulatory fluid quality. this was the first time I’d heard of this but it makes sense.

If I could do it over again I would have gone straight to ivf. The iui’s don’t cost much compared to ivf but if you’re just throwing that money away who cares right?

Best of luck to you. Keep posting and I think there are some forums dedicated to endo. You’ll find tons of support here and tons of good info!


Thank you both so much for your replies! They were very helpful!


I know you had some great responses but I would add that my RE also felt that IVF was my best option with severe endometriosis. IF they know you have it, they don’t really need to “examine”, an ultra/sound won’t really show the endometrius related adhesions, it might show some evidence of “chocolate cysts” and fibroids.

Because my case was so severe and my RE actually did my myomectomy to remove fibroids where she saw the degree of my endometriosis (she was surprised I could walk or go to bathroom because adhesions were that bad), she immediately said that IVF would be my best chance to conceive. When I actually found a life mate, my lovely husband, she let us try Clomid for 3 cycles (and naturally for a while) but we didn’t waste any time on IUI, just went straight to IVF and were very pleased with results (2 kids later).

I’m glad we didn’t push to do IUI, I think you can exhaust yourself with trying rounds and rounds of it and if there is a high likelihood it won’t work, why bother, even if your insurance pays for it? It is stressful to go through the waiting and watching, even if IUIs do not involve as many meds. But that is my opinion and you ultimately have to do what makes you most the comfortable, progessing through other options before IVF or going straight to it. We tried natural remedies, acupuncture, and the clomid to no avail and trusted our RE and clinic’s experience that severe endo patients rarely had success with IUI whereas IVF appeared to “level the playing field” for patients and the success rates were much higher.

On the flip side, I know two women who have severe endo and one became pregnant accidently when she was taking antibiotics with birth control and the other had done 5 rounds of IUI and were getting ready for IVF when she found out she was pregnant naturally! So really, even my RE admits that anything is possible!

Baby dust and lots of luck!


I don’t have endo, but we were recommended to go straight to IVF. We took the RE’s word for it, and eventually had our little one through donor IVF. I think it is a matter of how much chance and time you are willing to take. Since IUI is less expensive than IVF many people try it first, but it is also less successful. If you are looking to have success a quickly as possible it is probably best to go straight to IVF. If you are willing to go through a few IUI’s and still possibly have to go through IVF, then you could potentially get prenant cheaper with the IVF.

I don’t know if this is all making sense or not :slight_smile: But I really just wanted to say good luck to you!! I have a lot of IVF success stories on my blog if you would like to check it out.