First time IUI with Bravelle


Hi you guys! I am having my first IUI this week after my first round of Bravelle. I have one Follicle even after meds, and the egg size was 16 as of yesterday. There’s another egg that is 11, so probably not a go according to docs. :pray:
I get my trigger shot probably tomorrow or Wednesday, and then insem time!

Has anyone had luck with one mature egg and firs time IUI?
Thanks, and baby dust to all!



Just wanted to say good luck. I am on my first IUI with just one follie so I sure hope one can be enough! Heres to hoping!


Think about all the people on the planet who get pregnant when one egg meets one sperm. I’m sure there is a chance! Good luck!


Thanks you guys! I went back today, and I have one large egg, and two possibles! So tomorrow may be the day!:clap:


Good luck!!!


Thank you guys for the support! It’s that time! I had my trigger yesterday, and I should be ready tomorrow. I have a 23, a 19, a 17 and a 15 for follicles! I am hoping one of them is THE ONE! :cheer: