First Time IVF and Freaking Out!!


Hello ladies,

I will be starting my injections this coming Saturday. my doctor says everything looks good. my uterus, my blood tests, etc.
i am freaking out though! and it is hard to contain it because i don’t want my husband to feel bad and guilty (he is the one with low motility sperm).

i am really affraid of niddles and that is part of my panic, but what i am more affraid of is not having a successful IVF!! Anyone feeling the same way? the doctor said i need to relax, but i wake up in the middle of the night all panicked! Help!


Baby555: you and I could swap places! Really I’m in ur shoes!!! 1st Ivf , abnormal sperm is the issue, and most importantly i hate them needles. I alwez warn the doc/ nurse that I’m not an easy patient and am generally nervous. A few weeks back I went for my flu shot and the nurse was amused tht I screamed before she gave me the shot. So ya it’s the mindset and paranoia about needles that’s our issue.

I started my lupron shots on the 26th. N tho they are not sumthing I look forward to, the needle as such isn’t bad. They actually hurt more n sting longer on days when i’m more nervous/ sad. So i try my best to stay calm and keep reminding myself of the reward we may be given at the end of this. My dh gives me the shot, I can’t imagine injecting myself.

I worry about whether we are Goin to be successful or not to. N then tell myself that I should stay positive and give it our best n pray 'coz that’s all we have under our control.
:flower: Hugs! Stay brave n hopeful


I too am on my first IVF and unfortunately at this time don’t plan on doing another one anytime soon. I’m very crampy today and can’t wait for Thursday to do the retrieval. It’s alot to keep all the meds and all straight but it is SO worth it!

Good luck to you!



Thank you all.
It is so hard to stay strong and since my husband and i we are keeping our IVF procedure a secret from friends and family, i have no one to talk to!

Thanks! and good luck to everyone!:babydust:
I’ll keep you girls posted!



Try really hard to focus on the end result…your precious miracle baby. That’s how I got through my IVF. The needles are very thin and can hardly be felt. I also hate needles at any time but I just kept thinking, this will all be worth it in the end.

Unfortunatly my IVF was unsucessful in producing a pregnancy- but we did end up with a bunch of extra embryos, (which are now frozen) as well as valuable information to let us know that my eggs and my husband’s sperm could unite successfully.

I know you don’t know me, but if I could do IVF, almost anyone could! I am well known to my friends and family as being the biggest chicken around!

Good Luck to you!