First time IVF. Fertility issue = age


Hi everyone,

I wanted to share my story because reading all of your stories have been helpful and insightful for me.

I just turned 39 and we’ve been trying for 2 years (since our honeymoon) to have a baby. Here is my fertility timeline:

3 pregnancies resulting in 3 early miscarriages (5-6 weeks)

4 unsuccessful IUI attempts using Letrozol and Ovidrel (the Letrozol gave me massive migraines on Day 4 consistently)

4 cycles of Chlomid only (one resulting in pregnancy/miscarriage).

We’ve both been thoroughly tested. My husband is 41 and in great health. High sperm count and no known issues. I am 39 and also have no known fertility issues. I was told it’s all about age and timing with us. UGH!

So… finally, I decided I was ready for IVF and I wish I made the decision sooner. I was scared of the medication, thinking all the hormones could cause breast cancer, etc. Finally, one night I had an epiphany: We are so lucky to be able to get IVF treatments and to be able to have a good chance to have our baby. What is there to be afraid of?

That day I made the call and got started on Gonal-F on Day 2 of my cycle. Then I added Ganirelix to the mix and finally Ovidrel. There were 12 follicles, but 4 had grown too big by Day 5 so there were discarded. Of the 8 left, 7 were fertilized and 2 were implanted (5 frozen). The two that were transferred were BB grade. Of the 5 frozen, 2 are AB grade, but on Day 5 they weren’t ready to transfer.

The Embryo Transfer took place 48 hours ago and I’m scheduled to have a pregnancy test next week.

I am hopeful, but I don’t feel any symptoms. My breasts are sore, but I attribute that to the progesterone that I’m inserting every morning. Was hoping to feel implantation cramping at this point.

Anyone have similar experiences? Embryo transfers that weren’t AA grade and still resulted in pregnancy? No sign of implantation cramping?

When did you start to feel symptoms? I’m well aware of the 2 week wait, as the past two years, I feel as thought I’ve been living my life in two week intervals. I know this is the hardest part, but I would love to feel something - cramping, heartburn, anything.

Thanks for reading ladies. I wish the same good luck for everyone. :pray: :cross:


I see people get pregnant all the time on here with less than AA grading. We are among them…I transfered a 3AB blast at day 5 and we are now 16 weeks along.

I also think your number of follicles looks good. It seems to me like a lot of women with HUGE numbers (like 20+) don’t get great quality eggs. And, obviously, a small number of follicles means less to choose from. Your numbers looked good, and the fact that you had so many blasts of good quality (even some to freeze…I didn’t get that far!) is promising.

As far as symptoms, everybody is different. I had tons of symptoms each and every cycle, ALL from the progesterone. I swear, I had “implantation cramping” with both my BFN and BFP cycles…I stopped paying attention to it after the 5th BFN.

The fact that you did a 5-day transfer does increase your odds over a 3-day, according to my clinic. I think your chances look great, and the fact that you have frosties to fall back on it wonderful. Enjoy the 2WW as much as you can, and will be checking back on you to see if you get your BFP. HOPE SO!! :slight_smile:


Hi Francesca13 - thank you so much for your optimistic response. Sometimes that’s all we need to hear, right? [COLOR=“Red”]Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am hoping for the same outcome!


Hello - I don’t have any advice as you’re about a week ahead of me (my first full cycle IVF - day 5 ET tomorrow). I just wanted to chime in to offer support and encouragement (for whatever that’s worth). :grouphug: I imagine I’ll be likewise paranoid about what I am or am not feeling after ET too - the emotions involved in this are just crazy, huh? Take care, try to stay calm and:bsv: !!!


Hi ladies! I’m right behind you all. I should be going for ER Tusday if everything remains on track. 12 follicles as of today several over 18. Startedthe Ganirelix this morning. Good luck to you all!:bsv: