First time IVF success?


I’m new here and i am just looking for support from ladies going through the same TTC journey.
My husband and I are turning to IVF next year if we don’t get pregnant on our own this year. He has a very low sperm count and low motility.
All my tests are normal, my uterus & tubes are all normal as well.

Do we have a good chance first time success with IVF with ICSI? (That’s what our Dr. recommends)

Also, are there any ladies out there with first time success with IVF or do you know anyone with first time success? I’m just looking for a little hope =)

Thank you!


:welcome: We’ll be starting our first IVF April 2013. I can defiantly keep you updated on our success.


Your story sounds exactly like mine. We will be going through ICSI in June/July. My biggest fear is going through all this stress and getting the money together and then no baby. BUT I asked the RE. I said, “I know you can’t guarantee a baby, but because I’m healthy (no problems whatsoever) and DH has healthy sperm, just very little and not moving, do we have a great chance at success?” He said he believed our chances were greater b/c the only reason we need ICSI is b/c of the count and motility. Morph is good. So fingers crossed!

There’s a list of success stories (I believe under Infertilty Treatments and IVF) that has a poll of how many tries it took. There’s quite a few that happened on the first time.


I would also love to hear first time success stories. I am currently in an IUI cycle but went for our “next cycle consultation” yesterday and was told if this doesn’t work she does not recommend any more IUI’s :frowning: I was completely devastated as we had never planned to go the IVF route. She gave me a packet of information and I read it this morning and it has just left me even more scared and confused about the whole process.
Does anyone know the cost difference between doing a fresh vs frozen cycle? The packet she gave me appears to have a higher rate of success with a FET vs fresh cycle. We just want to have all information up front before making a decision, like if it doesn’t work the first time, what are we looking at for the 2nd go around? Also, the protocol of meds scare me as well. The meds I’ve done for IUI have left me a complete hormonal mess, I couldn’t imagine adding everything else in.


[SIZE=3][B][FONT=‘Segoe UI Mono’]Hopeful2Baby23[/FONT][/B][FONT=‘Segoe UI Mono’] – IVF is defiantly a scary thought. 17 months ago I was crying my eyes out not knowing how we’d pay for IVF. A fresh cycle is somewhere around 11k (some offices charge less); and a frozen cycle if you have frozen embryos is around $5k (again some offices charge less). My IVF cycle will be $17k we are doing chromosome testing and ICSI which adds about $5k to the IVF procedure. We are also doing a FET instead of a fresh transfer. [/FONT][/SIZE]
[FONT=‘Segoe UI Mono’][SIZE=3]My advice would be to shop around for IVF medication. We bought our medication from IVFstar and saved a ton. We received our medication 6 days after the wire transfer was complete. We have also used IVFmeds and had our medication received within 3 weeks. Both of these companies are overseas therefore order as much in advance as you can. You will save a ton of money by ordering overseas. Also you if can apply for Compassionate Care free Gonal F that would be helpful. We applied and were approved last month. For a one time donation of 3000 units of Gonal F. Once you fax your application and supporting documents they will have an approval/denial letter to you within 3 business days. Best wishes and I hope everything works out for you. [/SIZE][/FONT]


We had unexplained infertility and I got pregnant with our first IVF. I know lots of other ladies who had a successful first IVF. But even if if doesn’t work first time doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. Sometimes it just takes a second time. Going in to IVF, it really helped that DH and Zi had discussed how much we were willing to do before we stopped. Knowing we had other tries was calming (we were in the attain program), and knowing we had a stopping point was good too.