First time on site and first time using clomid!


Hey everyone!! This is my first time using this site and clomid.

Went to OB/GYN on friday and she started me on provera for AF have not gotten on for a year!
DH and I have be ttc for 2 years now with all:bfn:.
Heartache after heartache. I started :pray: for God to take the desire of being a mommy out of my heart, and almost gave up hope until I met my new ob/gyn. She is an :wings: so so sweet and supportive. I have yet to take clomid, I have to wait for my AF, but I took blood work. I have pcos and hypothydroidism. I would love to have clomid buddies or people sharing their stories with me. I have been struggling since all of my female friends are able to have fertile. Thank you all in advance :slight_smile: :pray: for all :bfp: !!! BABY DUST



:grouphug: Good luck in your journey! This is a great place for solid advice and support


:thankyou: I hope to laugh, cry and rejoice when we all get out :bfp:


[QUOTE=AbbyMarie]:thankyou: I hope to laugh, cry and rejoice when we all get out :bfp:[/QUOTE]

:welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

Hi Abby!!! Glad you could join us!!! This is also my first round on Clomid or anything for that matter! I believe you will enjoy this forum & group of ladies! I’ve learned so much about my PCOS… If you have any questions on anything just let us know and we can help/support you in the best way possible! :cheer: :cheer:


Thank you so much! Feel free to message me! I need some cysters :slight_smile:



Hello Abby!!!

This process can be so overwhelming and frustrating but keep the FAITH, GOD is good and POWERFUL!!! :pray:

This site has been excellent for me, the forums, the SUPPORT from others who UNDERSTAND what were going through… I know you’re going to like it and it will help a lot in your process.

November was my first clomid cycle, as other girls suggested I took them at night to sleep right through the side effects!! That was some great advice - I took them at night and didn’t even feel the side effects. I had not ovulated for more than a year and got a :bfp: a couple of days ago!!! So clomid will probably help you ovulate I :pray: to GOD that it does and that you get a :bfp: soon!!

lots of :babydust: :babydust: to you!!


Thank you thank you thank you! I need some words of encouragement, for awhile I was feeling of less than a woman, like a failure. I have since gotten over that and moved on to game plan mode! CONGRATS ON YOUR:bfp: . That is amazing, all of this is going to seem like a distant memory when we all hold our little babies. I work night shift so I will take mine in the morning before bed, thank you for that advice!