First time Using Fertility Monitor


I notice this board doesn’t get much action, but I’m praying someone will respond.

I had PCOS but have finally had about 8 months of regular periods. Last month we had an unplanned chemical pregnancy so DH and I decided to really try this time around. So this is my first time using the monitor (I bought it last time around, but it didn’t work since I wasn’t ovulating on my own). Anyway I’m on CD14 and still just at “high” fertility reading on the monitor. I’ve had a high reading for the past 5 days and I’m wondering if that is normal? I understand that the high just detects a rise in estrogen and not the LH hormone. I’m wondering if the LH surge should be soon. Any ideas? I have also been using OPK’s and have yet to see anything with those yet (they measure LH only). Any advice would be great. THANKS!


Hi there. I don’t have my monitor yet - I just ordered it from ebay. I did read a lot about them before I ordered it and I read quite often that the monitor can take 2-3 months to figure out your cycle. So it could be still learning your body.



I used the monitor for several months (clearblue fertility monitor) and it can take awhile to know your system.

However, I find that most women I have spoken to including myself thought they ovulated on day 14 because that is what the text book says. Thats not always true and there were times I got a high for 7 days then hit a peak about day 19, then next month it was 16 then 22. I never ovulated on day 14 or anywhere near.

I ended up using clomid but continued to use my monitor. I am pregnant now :clap: and I think those things are great. I always double checked with cheapy sticks from I would advise you to use something like fertility friend to monitor your cycle and your temp as well. But remember to take them at same time every day.

Good Luck! and Baby Dust!


Hi sky daisy…
i think you must be have baby now… I hope that monitors helps you alot… high days are always start after one week… what ever it is …but please post about your baby and experience…:wings:


[FONT=&quot]I haven’t used it yet but thinking of buying this monitor. Can anyone provide a detail information about it ? Thanks.[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]


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Fertility monitor

The monitor takes time to learn your body so expect more “high” days when you start using the kit. Just keep with it and wait for your peak days. Next month, the monitor should know you better and be less confusing.

I used it for three months and it helped me understand my ovulation mug better.


I have been tracking my cycle for months/years with BBT but just started OPK’s. Is the clear blue really worth it? I was hoping to inseminate next month so dont have “time” to wait for a moniter to understand my cycle (Im almost 40). Having said that I am on day 12 of a 34 day cycle, and no LH surge yet. Freaking out :frowning: