first try back to back iui follistim


Hi everyone I’m new to all of this so forgive me …
Tried clomid for about 9 months. Had one failed iui with clomid. This round I did 150 follistim and trigger shot Saturday November 27th then back to back iui’s the 28th (my birthday :pray: ) and today the 29th. I’m 38 and had no problem getting PG with my first two children. Unexplained infertility I’m sure it’s my age. Anyone ever conceive with this type of treatment two eggs possibly 3 2 at 20 and the other not sure if it made it… my breast are so so so sore? And had a lot of cramping first day iui? Is this normal?


Welcome J~Nell,

Don’t know specifically about follitism since I used ovidrel but what you are feeling are the side effects of the hormones in your system. I had cramping for probably up until yesterday and I had b2b iuis on 11/23 and 11/24. I am still getting the occasional twinge but the hcg is is out of my system.

Baby dust to you.


I’m certain that a lot of people have conceived and given birth using Follistim + HCG trigger + IUI. As far as symptoms go, I’m going to steal what one of the other girls said in other thread because she said it so perfectly:

"I know how hard it is NOT to drive yourself crazy over-analyzing every twinge. But here’s a little timeline to help: implantation takes place 6 to 12 days after fertilization, then it takes a few days for the level of hcg to be high enough to trigger a urine test.

For the vast majority of people, it’s not until the hcg levels are high enough for a positive pregnancy test that they’re high enough to give you any symptoms. That being said, the trigger shots ARE hcg, so they can cause the same types of symptoms you’d be feeling from natural hcg. Also, progesterone supplements can cause the same types of pregnancy symptoms. Also, after doing stims, you can feel lots of twinges and stretching and pains as your ovaries get back to normal.

So the majority of people who have symptoms during the two week wait have them from the drugs and not actually from a pregnancy, although they may ALSO be pregnant, it’s simply too early. "

Credit goes to essemkay, thanks!


That essemkay is so smart! She always says things just the right way to make perfect sense!


Thanks for your response Toy keep in touch please :slight_smile:


Thanks Toy, stay in touch and let me know what happens

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