First U/S and need encouragement


Well today I went for my first u/s and bloodwork. I took 100 mg of clomid cycle days 3-7 for a little background and I am on 2000mg of Metformin Extended Release. I have PCOS Well since I hate the vaginal u/s I was a little anxious but I went ahead and took it like a champ lol. The results are: endometrial thickness 6.7. Right side ovary: 1 follicle: 12x11 and 1 10 less than 10. Left side ovary: 1 follicle 12x9, 1 follicle 10x10, and 1 follicle 10 less than 10. Well I went back to work upset because I swore they were going to be 18 but the fellow said they seem to be growing pretty good and might take a couple of weeks(?) to get to 18. I called the clinic 30 mins ago because I still hadn’t heard back since 730 this morning and they told me they had been trying to reach me all days at my old numbers. She said bloodwork looked good and come back on Friday for another u/s. In all of your expert opinions, does it sound like I am on the right track? I am a worrier by nature and I think I read somewhere they grow like 1-2 mm per day. Is this correct?


yep that sounds correct to me! Friday will show you how much they are growing! Good luck!


You are right, my OB said 2 mm is average growth per day. Can’t wait to hear about them on Friday, good luck to you! :cross: