First ultrasound on July 5th


Hi girls, so beta today is 3100. Monday it was 1943.7z. Doubling time is 71.2 hours. Doctor is still concerned, said it should still double and wanted me to come in for an ultrasound on Friday July 5th. On friday i will be 31dpo. What should i expect at this ultrasound? What is the doctor looking for? Thank you! I have never gotten this far before so I am getting soooo excited and so is my husband.


Hi Alexi,

First, congratulations on your BFP!! Usually, in the first u/s Dr’s look for a sac, fetal pole, yolk (if visible the last two).

I heard and seen that sometimes with FET you could have “slower” implanters. It only means that the embryo took longer to implant that’s why the lower rising Beta. I’ve also seen “slower” rising Beta’s turn into healthy beautiful babies.

My best advice (I know easier said than done) just relax and try not to stress yourself. Remember, your baby can feel everything. Just think happy thoughts and visualize holding your baby in your arms. Congrats again!!



You’ll be about 6.5 weeks ? You may see a HB u should see a sac yolk sac and fetal pole at 7weeks there should def be a HB although both of my pregnancies had one at 6w2d