Flu effect chance pregancy this month


So I put off getting my flu shot and have suffered the consequence, I have had a horrible stomach bugs for days, I havent been able to take my prenatals or DHEA or the other tons of supplements and aspirin etc. and ive lost about 8 pounds _ probably water, I am suppose to ovulate in the next few days, do you think this will compromise my chances? I sure hope not! I managed to get all my clomid in before the flu started so just hope something good will happen this month.


I’m not sure how it will affect it. I’ve actually been pretty sick with a cold that has gotten in my lungs and I’m a little worried about this month as well. DH is also worried because he is on antibiotics and he thinks that may affect things as well. I think I will ovulate here soon as well (fertility monitor has been registering as high for the last 5 days). :pray: we both get a :bfp: for Christmas!