Flucuating Progesterone Levels


I got my second beta today and it more than doubled but my progesterone which was 75 has dropped to 56 and my estrogen which was 231 has dropped to 150. I am on pio shots 2ml every night and 4mg estrogen a day. The nurse said not to worry that they expect progesterone and estrogen levels to flucuate but this seems like a big flucuate. I had a FET Nov 2nd and so far my first beta was 111.9 and my second was 316. I am having very light brown spotting but I had a pelvic exam done and the nurse said the spotting was probley due to my cervix being very irritated and that she didn’t see anything coming from my cervix, just on the surface. I believe I have a YI that is making this worse. Has anyone else experienced flucuating progesterone and estrogen levels like this and things went on to be fine? The nurse said as long as my prog. didn’t drop below 24 and my estrogen stayed above 100 it would be ok. I am just worried it will continue to drop. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Most clinics just want the progesterone to be above 15 or 20, some even say 10.

Some clinics don’t monitor estradiol. Those that do usually want to see it above 200, but some say 150.


I know a lot of clinics are different. I was just mainly worried about the flucuation of the hormones. Thanks though.


Extremely common and, in the range of progesterone values your described, medically irrelevant.