Fluid in Douglas pouch


Did anyone have fluid in Douglas pouch before the transfer? If yes, what happened? Thank you.


Hi, I didn’t have fluid in Douglas Pouch but I did have fluid in my uterus which almost resulted in my cycle being cancelled but thankfully it cleared up within two days. From what I hear, fluid in douglas pouch is normal, it is usually an indicator as to where you are in your menstrual cycle and just after ovulation the fluid increases but it is usually harmless. In extreme cases it can build up so much an infect the uterine wall but that is very very rare. What did your RE think about it?


Thanks for your reply.
I’m going to see him on Wednesday and then he will see what to do next. I hope the fet wouldn’t be cancelled!


Try not to worry, they can drain the fluid before the transfer too. Keep us posted! Best wishes


Thank you a lot for your support! Wish you all the best!