Folbic in pregnancy/MTHFR


I am hetero for MTHFR so my Re told me to take folbic. IT seems like alot of B12 is this harmful. My understanding is if you are hetero you don’t need the b vitamins? Any insight?


I am homo and was told by the high risk dr that if my homocysteine levels were normal treatment was not necessary. I did take the folic acid 5+mg for both my pregnancies and my children are healthy. When my twins were tested they have hetero and was told they didn’t have to worry about it. I would make sure your homocysteine levels are normal. If they are then I would do what u feel most comfortable with. Good luck!!


I am homozygous and my homocysteine levels were were normal but my high risk ob wanted me to take daily Lovenox injections, baby aspirin, and Folgard RX twice/day along with prenatals. Had successful singleton pregnancy.

I would trust your RE but to put your mind at ease can you speak with a Perinatologist as well?


I also have one copy of the mutation. I take Folgard 2x daily and my regular prenatals. I haven’t heard that B vitamins can be dangerous… but lots of doctors have lots of opinions! I just had a successful twin pregnancy and so far, they are okay. Good Luck to you!