Follicle Count vs Eggs Retrieved vs Embryos/Eggs Frozen?


Hey ladies just curious about follicle count vs retrieved vs frozen…Please answer below! :slight_smile: 1) Age & diagnosis? 2) Follicle Count? 3) Eggs Retrieved? 4) Embryos/Eggs Frozen? 5) How many survived thaw?

  1. Ancient and unexplained

  2. IVF #1: 11 mature follicles (mature being over 18mm at trigger)
    IVF #2: 14 mature
    IVF #3: 14 mature

  3. IVF#1: 6 retrieved, 2 mature eggs
    IVF #2: 7 retrieved, 4 mature
    IVF #3: 16 retrieved, 12 mature

  4. IVF #1: 3 embryos, 2 transferred (day 3, 8-10 cells, no fragmentation), no frosties (BFP - daughter is 2 years old)
    IVF #2: 4 embryos, 4 transferred (day 3, 8-10 cells, no fragmentation), no frosties (BFN)
    IVF #3: 7 embryos, 4 transferred (2 blasts, 2 morulas), no frosties (BFP, but baby passed away in utero)

  5. N/A

Good luck!

  1. Age & diagnosis? 40 unknown other than age & sperm morphology was a little low at 5%
  2. Follicle Count? antral follicle count was 7
  3. Eggs Retrieved? 28 eggs retrieved (I was over stimmed…or as my RE says responded really really well to the drugs)
  4. Embryos/Eggs Frozen? everything was frozen due to high risk of OHSS 18 fertilized (ICSI), 15 made it to day 3, 4 blasts frozen day 5, 4 blasts frozen day 6
  5. How many survived thaw? don’t know yet transfer is 10/10 (vitrification was used, the clinic has a 95% thaw rate)


IVF #1

  1. Age & diagnosis? 38, MFI and mild endo
  2. Follicle Count? 41
  3. Eggs Retrieved? 41, 23 mature
  4. Embryos/Eggs Frozen? 2 transferred, 2 5 day blastocysts frozen
  5. How many survived thaw? 2

IVF #2

  1. Age & diagnosis? 39, MFI and mild endo
  2. Follicle Count? 31
  3. Eggs Retrieved? 31, 23 mature, 19 fertilized
  4. Embryos/Eggs Frozen? TBD on Tuesday
  5. How many survived thaw?​ TBD, FET scheduled for early November


May I ask why if you had 16 ideal embryos why only 2 were frozen?


Sure! During my first IVF of the embryos successfully fertilized, only 4 made it all the way to 5 day blastocycts. They either died off or stopped growing along the way.

I’m in the midst of IVF#2. So far all of my embryos are still growing. I’m at risk of OHSS, so I’m doing a “freeze all”.


I used 2 and froze 2. The 2 that were frozen survived the thaw, but I did not become pregnant.


Gotcha! Just curious :slight_smile:

  1. 34, diagnosis of anovulation due to Kallmann Syndrome
  2. My antral count was 11, but they only saw 7-8 large follicles at the time of trigger (I think they were between 15-20mm)
  3. They retrieved 10, which was a surprise since they had only seen 7-8
  4. All 10 fertilized without ICSI. I think 8 of them were still growing strong on day 3. We had one strong blast on day 5 and put that back in. We also had some early blasts, but didn’t want the risk of multiples so we grew those out. The lab chose to freeze none of them because they didn’t meet their strict criteria. I think some labs would’ve frozen at least 2-3 of our other ones, but our clinic has a reputation for very strict standards…I think only like 25% of patients have eggs that they freeze??? Luckily, we did get pregnant with our good blast. Not looking forward to going through that all again if we want another baby, though!


Wow thats great! Congratulations!


IVF with PGS

  1. Age & diagnosis? 35, endo, tube issues, RPL, immune issues, sperm issues,
  2. Follicle Count? 20 antral follicles
  3. Eggs Retrieved? 18, 14 mature (10 fertilized)
  4. Embryos/Eggs Frozen? none transferred, 6- day 5 blastocysts frozen (5 normal after PGS)
  5. How many survived thaw? 3 so far (2 still frozen)


Do you know why your pgd blastocyst did not succeed? What kins of immune issues do you have?


I was only on heparin and ba last Fet. Not sure why it failed but I’m hoping it was due to immune issues and my current treatment solves the problem. I lost my last one in pretty much the same place I’ve lost the others, even though my beta numbers were much more amazing than usual. My immune issues - partial DQAlpha match with Dh, Ana+, APA+, slightly elevated nk cells.


Wow so sorry to hear about all of your losses :,( I found out I have immune issues as well with my current Dr. The other IVF doctors I was considering didnt even suggest I may have one so I sometimes wonder if I would have done IVF hown may miscarriages or BFNs they would have let me gone thru without testing. Immune issues are still so debated and many REs still dont believe in them but I know SO many women with multiple miscarriages or unexplained infertility that got pregnant and had a healthy baby with immune treatment…do you know what kind of treatment youa re doing? I am doing intralipid infusions and heparin.


It seems like so many embryos dont meet the criteria to freeze. Is that what happened to you? I see 15 fertilized but only 4 were frozen.


Gotcha thanks! I know I am doing a 5 day transfer. Idk why I am so paranoid lol. I have 17/18 follicles I just have reallllllly bad luck and we will be using testicular sperm obtained from biposy so I know that lowers my chances as well.


I’m taking intralipids, 10mg prednisone, 10,000 iu heparin 2x day, 2mg PIO 2x a day, 200mg progesterone troches 3x day, Welcome womb 2 droppers 3x a day (starting one week after transfer), Neevo, CoQ10, Vit D, Calcium.


I am totally an over thinker! lol


What are Welcome Home Droppers??


Welcome womb is an herbal tincture to help prevent miscarriage.