Follicle size and Gonal-F with IUI


Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has had success Gonal-F with IUI.
Today(4th feb) ,
Gonal F Injection day 8 and Cycle day 10.
Morning I went to the RE office for ultrasound & Blood work, My follicle size was around 10 mm and they call me on Thursday for next ultrasound and blood work.
I just want to know that What is the perfect follicle size, before getting the trigger(HCG) shot?

Just curious,What size you has had and you got BFP :flower:


most clinics look for something between 18mm and 20mm or more.

my first time it was 17.9mm and the second time i had a 21mm and a 16mm. sometimes the smaller ones can catch up.

you probably have 3 or 4 more days to go. good luck!

did your doc tell you your estrogen levels? are they increasing?


If you are at 10mm, you still have a ways to go. Like Becca, my clinic looks for an 18mm or larger. I’ve had some at 17.9 and they have me come in the following day…that is a pretty firm threshold at my REs!

My son was a 19mm follie, and we didn’t trigger until day 19 that cycle. Guess 19 was my lucky number that time :slight_smile:

Best wishes to you!