follicle size need assistance


Hi ladies,

Please help me.

Today is my day 11, had my ultra sound and blood work. My follicles are a 1.0 and 1.2 I return on Thursday ( day 13). I will be doing my 3rd IUI this month, I am on my 3rd month of 2.5mg of FEMARA on days 3-7.

My last 2 months I had 1 mature follicle at 2.2, and buy day 11, they were bigger. My 1.2 was the same size this past Sunday, so it seems like it ain’t growing :frowning:

I am worried, can they still grow, I dont want to do a trigger and IUI if they are not mature ( waste of money)

Any insights I did need acupuncture today and going tommorow, I know this helps them grow. This has never happened to me. Why is it thatthis month on day 11 they are smaller?

My 1st IUI on day 16th, I still didn’t ovulate, so they triggered me. However 2nd IUI I was triggered when he saw LH on day 13th.

Pleas ehelp, will they still grow, I hear the later you wait the poorer the quality is this true?


Without wanting to scare or discourage you, usually if the follie is the same size as it was 2 days ago, it means that you are not ovulating correctly, or that it could be a cyst.

Keep in mind, that it always depends on the RE office what follie size they determine as “mature”. I had follies that were 15 and some that were 20 and I triggered on both.

If I were you, I would talk to the nurse at the RE office and ask her what she thinks. Good luck!


My RE says that follicles have to be at least 17 mm for them to be mature


Hi gizmo,

From what I was told by my nurse, sometimes follicles arrest in their growth. But as long as at least 1 follicle is developing (in your case the 1.0 cm) you should not have to worry.

When we began monitoring, my 1st u/s showed only 1 follicle at 1 cm. Next time, I had 2 follicles at 1.3cm, and 1.6cm. The 1.3cm one seemed to have appeared from nowhere in just 3 days! But on the day of trigger only the 1.6cm had become 2.1cm and the other was not to be seen at all.

So do not worry and let the medicines do the trick


hey girls.

Thanks :slight_smile: In regards to a cysts, I know their isn’t any, as they could see them during the ultra sounds apparently.

Sunday the 1.2 was 1.2 however the 1.0 just showed up today. Usually for me at least by day 11, they are bigger, however will see what they are at on day 13 ( Thursday) has anyone been triggered later on? My first IUI I was triggered on day 16 at 2.2 ( follicle) and 2nd IUI day 13 ( 2.2 follicle).

I jut find being triggered at doing IUI later on pintless? maybe I am wrong and being negative

thanks ladies xo


I know one last who had a late mature follies on day 22, triggered, and got preggo, so it can happen!