Follicle size on CD12 with clomid?


I had my CD12 u/s today and the nurse found 1 dominant follicle at 10 mm and many other smaller ones. And the endometrial lining is 6mm. She says those findings correlate with each other. Usually I ovulate around CD30 (+/-8 days). So she thinks I will ovulate in about a week based on the observations and expects the lining to get thicker by that time.

I was hoping that I would have a 28 day cycle on clomid - but clearly it does not seems so. I am concerned that the follicle measuring 10mm could arrest in growth because I have PCOS.

Anyone have success stories with the follicle growing big in a long cycle (greater than the 28-30 day cycle)?


From what i’ve read and my RE has told me a 10mm follie will keep growing. They usually grow 1-2mm a day but can grow faster or slower.