Follicle ?


Does the size of the follicle really matter once it is considered "mature"
Is it “bigger is better” as far as getting :bfp: ?


I know it can become too big (I think they call it geriatric). I always just assumed that mature is mature–good questions.


Mature is mature… but to mature is bad. But all mature follies do NOT have an egg inside them.


At my RE, they want to see it at 16-17. I have 2 @ 20 on my left side this month and they were very excited. Like others said before, it depends on the RE.

But I was told that if they are “too mature”, that can either cause you to miss the egg, or it can cause other complications later. It really depends on how mature the follie is.


Follicles also mature differently depending on whether you’re on Clomid or injectibles. On injectibles, they mature sooner at 16-18 mm and on Clomid they like to see at least 20 mm. And, as others have said, if it is too mature, it’s not good either.


For my BFP, my only follicle I had was 25mm. RE said I was ready and gave me the HCG trigger. Good luck!


Yes, this! I forgot to say that my RE thinks anything 15mm+ is mature.


Thanks Ladies, my follies were at 15, 16 and 16 when I triggered that night and did IUI the next day. Hoping they were big enough by the time I ovulated!