Follicles on Day 5 of stims - what were yours?


Hi all - I’m in the midst of my first cycle of IVF. It’s also my first experience with injectible meds. Since I’m 38 and my AMH dropped to low levels in the last year (everything else still looks good), the doctor started me off with fairly high doses of stims: 150 IU (2 vials) Menopur AM/300 IU of Gonal F PM. I’m doing long Lupron, so I also do 5ml of Lupron in the evening.

I went for my first check yesterday to see how I was responding to the stims. There were nine follicles at/over 8 mm. Four of them were over 12mm, and of those, two were around 15 mm. E2 was 538. The local RE doing the check (I’m going out of state, leave tomorrow) seemed pretty surprised/concerned that I had some pushing 15 already. There were some other smaller follicles, but she didn’t count those since she said with the big ones, there was no way they’d catch up.

The RE doing my IVF dropped my Gonal-F dose down to 150 (from 300) starting last night; Menopur and Lupron stay the same. I’m wondering if this will give at least the 8-9 mm ones a chance to catch up, and any of the smaller ones to grow into range. I’d really like to end up with at least 8-10 eggs to work with, since we’re doing this primarily to do PGD, so I know I need quite a few to end up with any good blasts. I go in tomorrow after I fly up for another check.

Any reassurance from others out there? I’ve been reading through everyone’s signatures, and I’ve seen at least a few other people who had 12-14 mm follicles on day 5, so that’s been a little comforting.


I have similiar situation last cycle and cycle got cancelled. I had 16mm follicle after only 3 days injection. The other 2 are in 11ish. The rest are too small. RE let me continue the same med for 2 days and the lead follicle gets to 21mm and the other 2 are 19mm and 15mm by day 5 of stims.
With medication, follicles can grow 2mm per day and the lead follicles usually absorb most of meds. It looks like your 8ish follicles have very small chance to catch up. Most likely you will definitely get the 4 big one. However, anything could happen in the cycle. Just keep your fingers crossed and stay postive.


I had 6-7 follicles 12-14 mm after five days of stims, and more smaller ones to the total of over 20. My dose was dropped, and the smaller caught up by retrieval.


Hi. I actually just came back from my day 5 visit. I had 20 follicles total. The biggest were 10 mm. I think there were only 2 of this size and the rest were smaller. My estrogen was at 364. The nurse said i may stim longer than they expected due to the smaller size of the follicles. I am just hoping the number stays low. The last time I hyperstimulated and had over 40 follicles at egg retrieval. The did a freeze all and when I went to do an FET, all the embryos had been destroyed by the lab.


Thanks all. So it sounds like over 12 isn’t that unusual, though those couple of 15 mm ones are making me a little nervous – at least there are a few that should catch up, though I’m really hoping all the >8 ones will. I am on the plane up to Oregon right now (yay for inflight wi-fi) and will be headed to the clinic right when I get in to be checked by my actual IVF doc. I’m really :pray: to have a decent number of eggs, since I am doing this primarily to do PGD, which means I need some to make it out to day 5 and be chromosomally normal, which is a tall order. Hopefully I’ll have some good news this afternoon.


Today is my day 4,I have 3 days of stimulation.
My e2 is 200,and number of follicle
on the left is 5(she couldn’t see the rest because my left ovary is higher)1-10,1-9,1-8,2-7
on the right 4 ( 2-7, 2-5 )

[FONT=&quot]Me-Vesna(32)-no problem[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Dh-Toni (32)-low sperm count[/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jun,2[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot] - blood testB,[/B][/FONT]
[B][FONT=&quot] -[/FONT][/B][FONT=&quot]ultrasound[B](10 antral follicules count)[/B][/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] -Start with BCP[/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jun,11[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot] – [B]HSN[/B](everything is perfect)[/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]June,22[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot]- start lupron 10 unit[/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jul,07[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot] -blood testB;[/B]lupron 20 units [/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jul,09[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot] -blood test B[/B][/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jul,10[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot] -start stimulation: [B][U]Lupron(5unit), Menopur(75), GonalF(150)[/U][/B][/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jul,14[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot] -blood testB,[/B][/FONT]
[B][FONT=&quot] -[/FONT][/B][FONT=&quot]ultrasound [B][U]day 5[/U][/B] [B](total 10 follies R=2-14; 13; 2-11; 9 L= 2-9; 7; 5)[/B][/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jul,16[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot] -blood testB,[/B][/FONT]
[B][FONT=&quot] -[/FONT][/B][FONT=&quot]ultrasound [B][U]day7[/U][/B] [B](total 10 follies R=2-17; 15; 13; 2-11 L=2-11;2-9)[/B][/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jul,18[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot] -blood testB,[/B][/FONT]
[B][FONT=&quot] -[/FONT][/B][FONT=&quot]ultrasound [B][U]day 9[/U][/B] [B](total 13 follies R=22; 2-19;18; 16; 15; 14;2-12; 10; 8 ;2-7) [/B] [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] - [B][U]9:00 p.m TRIGGER [/U][/B][/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jul,20[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot]-[B] ER[/B] ,4 EGGS=3(mature),3 ICSI=3 FERTILIZED (100%fertilized)[/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jul,23[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot]- [B]ET[/B](transferred 2 eggs ,1 made to blast,but quality is not good enough for freezing),[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] Quality before transfer [B][U]ALL 3 EGGS=4 GRADE ,8 CELL[/U][/B][/FONT]
[B][U][FONT=&quot] [/FONT][/U][/B]
[B][U]Second ivf[/U][/B]

17 antral follicle count
diluted lupron 20 units twice daily from 11-19-2010
ovarian stimulation Gonal f 450 units,2 days 375 units
11-24 ultrasound
[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]