Follie sizes - does one always stay bigger?


I’m doing 75iu per day of Repronex and today at my CD 6 ultrasound I have one follie at 9mm and a few at 6mm. I was really hoping to trigger with 2 or 3 mature follies…is this still possible or will that larger follicle remain dominant? I guess I wonder if the little guys will catch up. My dr told me to stick with 75iu until my next ultrasound om CD 10. Tia!


You’re still early - plenty of time for the 6mm to catch up. In one of my cycles, at one point they were 10,13,13,13,13. Several days later they were all 15s. You’re doing great!


[FONT=Comic Sans MS]No need to worry yet - plenty of time to continue growing. They will continue to grow after you trigger, too.[/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Good luck![/FONT]