Follistim and hyperstimulation


Hello ladies I am curious to see if any of you are having the same issue with me (that I seem to have every time). I took 75 units of follistim for 6 days. Day 1-3 went in had multiple follies 5-7mm. Day 4-5 took 75 had a 10.5 follie and few 5-8. Day 6 75 units (there was an issue with scheduling so I went back the next day) had a 14mm follie and multiple 10-11mm. My e2 jumped from 287-1309 in 2 days. Then from 1309 -2100 in 1 day. Went off follistim for 3 days went back in for a scan yesterday had 5 follies 2 at 21mm and 3 at 18mm and multiple 13-14-15s we were going to trigger then I got the call my e2 is over 3000 now?!?!? And I am in hyperstimulation after being off of follistim for 3 days? Has that ever happened to anyone. Is that normal. We are planning on TI