Follistim pain


hey everyone - I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing extreme pain from Follistim? I recently started my first IVF cycle, and I am super-sensitive to pain. The subcutaneous injections are painful for me, but the burn from the Follistim medicine is almost unbearable. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Regardless, I am committed to this, and I am on stim day 4 now - the clinic has to administer the shots because they are too painful for me and DH to do at home! I’m hoping it will all be worth it in the end. But is there anyone else out there with a similar experience?


Sorry I’ve never experienced this. I have experienced some bearable pain wit Menopur, but never anything with Follistim. At least your clinic is willing to help you out…


I just finished my first IVF cycle and was on Follistim 450IU for 12 days but did not experience any unbearable pain. I used ice on the area of the injection for 15 minutes prior to the injection so the needle was not painful. I could feel the medicine and there was a little burn but nothing unbearable. I did read on-line to let the Follistim get to room temperature before injecting to prevent discomfort. Unfortunately I did not respond to the medication well and we had to end our cycle. We hope to try again in January. Good luck to you with your cycle and hang in there with the injections.!


Hello - My recent cycle(I was 4 days from ER) was just cancelled due to very high levels…I went from 3000 on a Friday and was at 12000 on Monday…but I too had some extream pain with Follistim… It was a burning, crampy feeling that only lasted about 5 min and it’s a feeling I won’t forget…Good Luck!