Follow up Question on Blastocyst Transfer


I met with the nurse today and she told me that the two blastocyst that they transferred this Wednesday were 4BB and a 3 that had no letters next to it so she thought that that meant it was not of good quality. Any one have any idea what the success rate is for a 4BB? I am really nervous about this whole process and praying it works.

Thanks in advance.


4BB is pretty decent. I don’t know if you saw the pictures I posted before in my thread to Ghost, but your 4BB is probably pretty similiar to my 3AB. You can also check this website:

IVF Blastocyst Pictures & Blastocyst Stage Embryo Grading Photos


I don’t know of any official statistics/studies on this, but I can tell you that a 4BB has a very good chance of implanting. On my last transfer I had three blastocysts: 4BB, 3BC, 3BC. One of those implanted and I’m currently almost 10 weeks pregnant. My clinic rarely gives out “AA” grades to blastocysts (they say that are ‘hard graders’), so BBs do regularly implant.


my doc says research shows no difference in results of pregnancy with blasts with a number 3, 4, or 5. they are all good and neither gives you better results.

Besides, dont forget a great blast may not make it while a lower one may, same as transferring 3 and getting a BFN and in another case transferring 1 results in a BFP. it only takes one, and you never know the outcome.