Follustum has to be refrigerated, so how can I take it with me away from home?


I am on day 3 of injections. I do Follustum in the mornings and Menopur in the evenings. Early tomorrow morning I have to go back to the doctor’s office for monitoring and I will be there at the time I usually do my shot. But Follustum is supposed to be refrigerated so I don’t know if it’s okay to take it with me in my purse. Has anyone else had this issue?


Just take a frozen gel pack with you in a paper bag or cooler and put your pen in there. I kept my pen in the box so that it wouldn’t get too cold.

I made sure to time my morning shots early enough in the morning that I would be done with them by the time I had to leave for any dr. appointments. I knew I would worry about this exact same thing.

I find myself pretty much worrying over everything and even sometimes find myself second guessing if I injected the right amount of meds! LOL!


Thanks for the reply. I worry about everything, too! I’m so afraid I’ll mess everything up by not doing the medications right. We’re investing so much money and emotion in this, that it’s scary to be in charge of all these injections on our own. I wish either my husband or I was an RN! Anyway, thanks for the idea about the frozen gel pack. I just wish I’d planned ahead like you and timed my injections for before I leave for dr’s appts. Oh well.


I was told by my RE to keep it refrigerated. But once you open a vial, you don’t have to refrigerate and it will be good up to 28 days. Refrigeration is for long term keeping. Ask you doctor at the next appt.


I agree w Nat. My RE said that it doesn’t have to be refrigerated once it’s in the pen. I’ve done 2 cycles with not refrigerating it after I opened it and didn’t have any problems.


I just asked about this at my RE visit. I’m going to a clinic out of state, so I’m planning to bring a little soft cooler on the plane for Gonal-F, in my case. When I was doing the injection training, the nurse was telling me that they help retrieve the leftover from the pens, since they find that they can get 100-200 units extra out of a 300 unit pen, and can save you from having to buy one or two over the course of the cycle. I specifically said, OK, so I’ll have to bring them all in here in a little cooler pack. She said, no, just for the drive over here and time in the office, it will be fine. Bring a cooler pack for the actual trip/flight, but for an hour or two, it’s fine not refrigerated.

I also think that generally if you are within an hour or so of your injection time, you are fine shifting it a little bit. Would that help you do it before you leave for your appointment?


When I was in this situation, I just brought an ice pack. The medicine was fine.

:babydust: Good Luck!:babydust:


I took mine all over the place - I just stuck it in plastic bag with an ice pack and put it in my purse.