For those who have had multiple BFPs:


For those who have had multiple BFPs: did you get the same symptoms for each BFP?

I’ve only had BFP once, and I keep thinking if I don’t get those same symptoms, I must be OUT. So I always assume I’m out pretty early and feel negative about it.

I would love to hear some experiences regarding symptoms of those who have had BFP more than once!


I’ve been pregnant 3 times and not one is the same as the others. The first time I felt nothing a week after my IUI. During the 2nd week I got bronchitis so if I felt anything it was probably masked by my sickness. However, I do know that I was completely surprised when I got a BFP b/c I wasn’t suspecting it all (so I must not have had too many signs/symptoms). With my 2nd pregnancy I felt awful from day one. My body ached, I was crampy, tired, and just felt all-around awful. I got a BFP just 6 days after my IUI. Then with my last pregnancy I felt nothing again. However that ended in a MC at 6 weeks so that may be the reason I didn’t feel much.


I’m glad you asked this. I’ve wondered this too as I’ve only had the one pregnancy. I just keep thinking each month that if I don’t have spotting or start peeing in the night around 7dpIUI that I’m out. My rational mind tells me that every pregnancy is different but it’s good to hear someone’s firsthand experience of them being different.


amywyatt3: thanks for sharing!

Kris: I know, I’m the same way which is why I asked. With my pregnancy, I had a gagging feeilng at 7dpo, and that was the only thing I noticed that was drasticlaly different than my normal PMS symptoms. So now, when I pass 7dpo without that feeling, I assume I’m out :frowning:

I know this doesnt make sense, but I can’t help it! Who knows, that gagging feeling might not have even been pregnancy related in the first place.


Out of my 5 IUI’s, i’ve had 4 BFP’s. I have had NO symptoms what so ever with any of them. My symptoms with my triplet pregnancy didn’t start until 6+weeks along. If i have what i feel are pregnancy symptoms in the 2ww i know I’m out, if i don’t i know i’ll be getting a bfp.


booboo - Hey, I’m 5dpIUI today and had a gagging issue in the shower this morning. Even though I know it’s way early…I did have the thought, what if…especially after reading your post!

missing - That’s interesting…I kind of notice I have the same weird symptoms with each cycle so I’m trying to tune them out this month because they haven’t meant anything any other month. I sort of think we get too in tune with our bodies during the 2ww and notice things that happen every other month but we just aren’t paying attention when we’re not TTC.