Forget the job--what's the insurance?


I’m surprised that “Mandated States” topics are not more utilized. I suspect that may change over the next 4 months as mandated coverage (not what is covered–but rather–get insurance or pay) becomes active.

What a strange world! I (the male) am unemployed, currently living in a state adjacent to Massachusetts, which is interesting because MA is about the “best” state for mandated fertility treatment coverage. I’ve lived in MA for most of the past 5 years and only moved out some months past because without a job rent near Boston is too expensive, especially when I have another home in the adjacent state. The other home though is useless as far as a job goes–it’s too rural. So over the next four months when I do find a job, there’s a 90% chance it’ll be in MA, as has been the case over the past five years.

But how strange to find that it’s not the job particularly, or the wages but rather the insurance that counts as desirable. I’m on Cobra now, single, but soon to be married and the problem is with me with a sperm count of less than 200k. So that means ICI. I worked in Boston and had/have Aetna and thought I was good to go–but no, the parent company is from PA–useless.

Imagine calling a companies HR: “Hi, I’m interested in a job–do you cover ICI?” Ok…“where’s your parent corporation?” (Though I worked in Boston, since the Parent Corp was in PA–MA’s fertility mandate does NOT rule). It gets worse too–heaven forbid that a company says: “Hey, you’re perfect for us–come and work for us.” Uh…hmm…“but your home office is not in MA and so you have non MA EHB’s” (Ok–listen up now–it’s EHB = Essential Health Benefits–that’s a key acronym) Oops… An offered job cannot be refused if you’re on unemployment, certainly not because “I don’t like your useless medical coverage.” Yikes.

I’m not certain–and I hope others in the same boat help liven up this conversation–but I’m inclined to believe that “no coverage” is the best coverage for a MA citizen. If a MA company throws you a tidbit and says “go buy what you want to meet the mandate,” this may be the best of all worlds. But I’m not sure. I spent some time today “shopping” using different DOB’s and different zip codes and though the website usnews and world report had a sort of guide that seemed to point to many, many companies–but what I found out was the site seems to be a shill–put in a dozen different zip codes, and 4 different ages and wow…only one company’s plan is offered. What crap!

What about Tufts, Aetna, Cigna…and many others…? Where does one buy a plan with them?

Well, enough of my ranting. Since this is the “Mandated States” forum here is an excellent link if you’re like me and you’re trying to figure this out:…#Massachusetts

This site lists the EHB for every state, NOT just MA. Additionally it lists mandated coverage mandated by the state (if there is any). This is the place to start.

But be careful, as others have noted things aren’t always as it seems. CT mandates fertility treatment but uh oh…I’m the male and guess what–I’m over 40. I’m not sure but I suspect this kills me even though my wife to be is comfortably below 40 (over 40 is a no-go and oddly it seems to apply to the male too). And then there is Texas. Now Texas may have only one star (the Lone Star State) but it takes five years before you’re eligible for coverage (correct me please–if I’m wrong). Now is this ludicrous–or what?

Well, I’m determined to figure out MA at least since that’s where I found my last two jobs and will likely find my next job so if you’re in the same boat, touch base with me and let’s work together.