Four follies after four days of stim


I’ve been on stims for four days and my ultrasound today showed four follies, one 12mm and three 14mm, plus one really small one. My u/s 10 days ago while I was still on the Pill showed 10 follies. What happened to the other five?!? Is this a good result? I would not think so as I’ve been told that I need to have at least 3 eggs for a retrieval, and four seems to be cutting it close. I am supposed to retrieve, assuming it’s worth it, early next week.

Also, we are planning to freeze this cycle and do a fresh/frozen transfer next cycle using the best embryos from the two cycles. My acu made it sound like we should not freeze, i.e., always transfer fresh, because the embryos have a smaller chance of surviving the freezing…? Is this correct?



I’m not exactly how sure if that’s a good result, but I’ve seen successful IVFs on here with one egg - so if you want to go for it - go for it!

Also, I’d read that FETs have better statistics than fresh cycles, so not sure there.

Maybe this will bump your question to someone who can say better, and if you’re not satisfied with an answer you get here, politely bug the crap out of your RE and staff until every question you have is satisfied! :wink:

Good luck!