Freaking out a little, second beta has risen


My first beta on Tues was 13, I just had it done again today and it is 77. The nurse told me to watch for cramping and heavy bleeding that would indicate signs of ectopic. She said it could also be just an early miscarriage. When I asked if there was a chance i could go onto to have a healthy pregnancy she said they don’t focus on that but she supposes it could happen. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? I don’t know what to think, I have more blood work on Monday… :eek:


I don’t think you are out of the woods yet.

Tuesday was a 13.
So two days later was Thursday and the number would be a 26. So, you more than doubled, this is very possible. How many days after retrieval were these tests?

I do think the initial beta was low, but what is more important is the rise.

I do think it’s good to be cautiously optimistic, but I don’t think they should rule you out completely yet. Some ladies just start slower than usual, lose a twin, all kinds of things. The only way to know is repeating blood tests.

If you want to see ectopic betas, check out my signature. I had one on my last IVF. they didn’t tell me they thought it may be ectopic or that it wasn’t viable until after I’d done about 4 betas though.

Good luck.


Thank you for the reply, it was 13 on Tuesday and 77 today (Friday) they stopped my progesterone on Tuesday. I will look at your #'s thanks.


Sorry I didn’t answer all of your questions my retrieval was Oct 26, so first BETA was 15 days.


I had some cramping and bleeding on saturday which would have been 12/13 days post transfer, so that might be why she assumed that this was the end of it.


I think there’s always a chance for a healthy pregnancy with reasonably low betas. I don’t think it should be ruled out. Of course it’s good to be aware of other possibilities, but try to stay positive until you have a definite reason not to be. My first beta was 21 at 9 days past a 5 day transfer and I have a beautiful, healthy almost 3 year old from that cycle!!!

Best wishes.


My first beta was 55, and three days later it had only risen to 147 which is not doubling. At no point did my doctors or nurses tell me to be concerned about it not working out! I mean I was a little worried with my numbers were so low, but at 27 weeks everything with my little boy is great. Don’t give up hope, and best of luck! :cheer:


Boodles- I am concerned you stopped progesterone already, although I guess it’s too late now maybe to restart it. Are they going to do progesterone and estrogen levels when they check your beta? You may want to ask them to do that… if the beta has risen, you may need progesterone support to sustain pregnancy, if it is viable. I will be TOY and hope you get a nice surprise.
Please update us when you know anything from your appt.


I called the on call doctor and she assured us that the crinone would not hurt us either way. She said after they get a BFP it’s really just added protection but not 100% necessary, she also said it is more vital to a frozen cycle. I guess if I haven’t been on it since Tuesday and my levels are still rising. I’m trying not to be too nervous although it’s hard. Thanks for your reply everyone.



They just called my level today is still going up, it’s 238. She still does not think it’s a viable pregnancy because it’s an “abnormal” rise. I wish so much that I knew what was going on inside my body. I test again on Thurs… :grr:


That is a good question, she said “when we see abnormal rises like this it’s usually not viable, or ectopic” so she gave me all of the symptoms to watch out for. She said " can’t do an ultrasound until it’s at 1500, if it continues to rise that is"


Did they tell you what your P4 was? Etopics usually have a very low p4? I do not think that they should throw in the towel! Your numbers are doubling and that is the real indicator.


No, what is a p4? Maybe I should ask on Thursday. It seems like they have totally thrown in the towel, which makes me want to throw in the towel but I am not quite ready to give up yet.


I’m confused by what the Nurse (?) is telling you? I’d get back on the prog. and stay on it until you know for-certain this pregnancy isn’t viable.


I agree that I am surprised your nurse is calling your rise abnormal. I wonder what the reasons would be for telling you that. My betas were low and weren’t even doubling within 48hrs at first. Slowly they caught up and rose at a good rate, but at no point in time did anyone suggest that my pregnancy wasn’t viable!

Also, I had low progesterone levels, and used crinone for the first 11 weeks. I have a luteal phase defect which accounts for those low levels. My little guy was and still is growing nice and strong!

Try to stay positive, and hopefully those betas keep going up and up!!


I am also confused. Your numbers look great to me… yes, the first was low, but that usually isn’t what matters, it’s the doubling that matters and you are!!! DON’T give up hope and definitely do a P4 test on Thursday. How are you feeling? Hang in there!!!


Sorry you are going through this I know how horrible it feels and my heart goes out to you. I went through the same thing last month…My beta started at 34 and it continued to go up, I know from day one things werent good then some spotting started. I never had any cramping. The highest my beta reached was 500 range then it started to come down. Once you stop the pregesterone is starts to level out. Mine self resolved so I was really lucky. It was the best outcome in the awful situation. Hang in there! :pray:


essemkay-your P4 isn’t low… mine dipped to 16 and I am now 16 weeks pregnant.

boodles-I don’t get why your doctor is so negative? Your numbers look great. Are you going in for more betas every 2 days? If they really have a concern about ectopic then they really need to be on top of monitoring you. yes, it is true that you can’t see anything before your beta gets above 1500-2000. But that should be in a week or less. Keep taking the progesterone, like the others said!



I am sorry that your going through this, and I completely relate. I had low beta’s from the start, very similar to yours.

P4 is definately an indicator of ectopic, not just it being low but what it actually is. One of my ectopic my beta was 300’s and doubled regularly, just could not be located on ultrasound, got to over 3000.

I would stay cautiously optimistic, but an initial low beta means very little, it could be a late implanter (like I believe mine was).

Good luck.


[QUOTE=essemkay]I’m on supplemental progesterone, so they said my levels should be at 30-40 at least.[/QUOTE]

I didn’t know about what levels my progesterone should be at any point in time at first. My progesterone dipped quite low early on too (14 was the lowest) and I am now 27 weeks along. Thankfully I didn’t know enough about the numbers to ask because it would’ve gave me even MORE to freak out about. I just knew I had a progesterone problem so it was enough for me to think about.

I was on crinone for 11 weeks and have had no problems, and I say try not to worry too much what the doctors say about the numbers. (you know, don’t worry as much as you can!) As long as your baby is sitting tight that is what counts!