Freaking out, again, as usual


I actually got pregnant without IUI this month, which is crazy. I had also recently discovered that I might have Luteal Phase Defect. I got pregnant without any medication or anything. I just went in yesterday for my day 14 blood draw ( i always track ovulation with a monitor, so I still knew it was 14dpo). My hcg is 250 with a progesterone level of 20. The concern of course is my possible LPD, but they think my P4 looks ok for now so they aren’t currently ordering any progesterone support. I’m trying to be positive but it’s so hard after you’ve had some losses, as I know you ladies understand. Not sure what the point of this post is, just checking in I guess. It’s been a few months since I’ve been around.


Congrats! You’re clearly not experiencing a defect right now. 20 is higher than my progesterone ever got with my first daughter, even though I was doing crinone twice a day. Good luck and congrats again!


Thanks dear! I’m just in a state of shock, I think. I’ve never gotten pregnant naturally before and it’s been a true surprise.


Got results from yesterday’s blood draw. My Hcg is up to 960, for about a 36 hour doubling time. But my progesterone dropped to 17.5? The nurse said that isn’t abnormal but it worries me. She just scheduled me for an ultrasound, no more blood draws. Does that seem weird?