Freaking out! Need advice!


I am in the freakin twilight zone and need some advice! We just had a BFN with IVF in January. It was our last effort for another child. Fast forward to now, I’ve been realizing over the past few days I was late. Never had a natural BFP in my entire life. Then I looked at the calendar and realized I’m NINE days late! Sent DH to the store for a test (he was clearly thinking I’ve lost it) but I’m feeling a little nausea, boobs a little sore the past few days. The freakin test is a:bfp: :woohoo: Can’t even believe I’m saying it!
Bad news, I’ve been out of work basically for the past 9 days cause I ruptured a disc in my back and am having surgery next Wednesday (probably not now!) but I’ve been on so many meds that could harm a pregnancy because of my back injury! We’re freaking out! I just took the test. I had some pre-op work done at the hospital today for the surgery (including a blood draw) but the lab is closed now. We tried to call to see if they did a preg test and see if they could run a beta. So now it’s Friday night and I don’t know what to do! Where can I get a beta right now aside from the ER?

:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


I’ve calmed a little and we’re going to try to get ahold of our RE or OBGYN tomorrow. I know either would get us in right away. I’m realizing the test line is DARK. Darker than the control line. I’m so worried it will be affected by all the meds I’ve been on for my back. DH is just not convinced it’s even a real BFP.


Congratulations Shana!!

I followed the January IVF thread to prepare me for my first cycle and it broke my heart when you got a BFN. I think if God blessed you with a miracle then he will take care of it for you! :grouphug:


Thanks Jen. I’ve prayed for this time and time again but the genuine shock of seeing a dark test line almost faster than the urine can run across the screen left me in shock! If this is real it’s such a dream come true ( I know I don’t need to explain that here!). I just have always had this dream of the shock of a natural BFP. I wasn’t paying close enough attention to my cycle to realize I was really that late until the past 24 hours. I kept thinking I was counting wrong. Plus I’ve been really medicated and had a crazy 9 days. I literally ended up in an ambulance 9 days ago so it’s no wonder it took me so long to take a test!
I do remember seeing you around the boards. Congrats on your pregnancy! Thanks for the support!


First of all, CONGRATS!! So exciting, this is a dream come true to all of us who have ever had to stop trying or take a break :cheer: In regards to your meds, I’m sure you fine…in these early days the baby is not yet attached to you I believe. We have all heard the stories about the women who don’t find out until a month later that they are expecting and they have been out drinking, etc. Just enjoy being :preg: and take whatever precautions you need to from here on out. Again, congrats!!!


What a huge surprise and I understand why you are worried. You don’t want to take any chances. Defiantly talk to your OBGYN &RE as soon as possible. If you are getting a positive on the hpt, you are in good shape. But you need to discuss the options for your back.

I really hope the best for you!


What kind of pain meds have your been taking? Try to stay away from Ibuprofen and Aspirin, since they thin the blood. I cracked a tooth before and was rx’d tylenol 3 when I was pregnant. I did a lot of reading about it, and spoke to my brother who is a pharmacist. At these early stages, the embryo is thriving on the yolk sac, and narcotics do not cross over to the embryo very well. As long as you are taking something like lortab or tylenol 3, which are mostly acetaminophen you should be ok, but I would definitely only take it when absolutely necessary. Congratulations though! That is so awesome!


[COLOR=“Blue”]Shana: First of all CONGRATS on the BFP!!! What an amazing thing to have a natural pregnancy after a failed IVF.

To address you concerns over the meds: I have read a ton of info. on strong pain meds used during pregnancy for situations like yours where there is severe pain and I found that Docs will recommend the pain meds in cases, like yours, where the benefit overrides the risk. The reason is because the stress from the pain is just as bad if not worse on the baby and pregnancy as the meds are. Of course they try to give you meds that are category C rather than X, but even in cases of X some pregnancies go on without incident and healthy babies are delivered so…

Fact is that is doesn’t help you to be concerned with it now that it is done. Obviously for your peace of mind and for further treatment you will need to discuss all of this with your Doc, but I would be willing to bet that all will be fine and your baby will be born without any major negative side effects. Plus some of the side effects (such as heart issues) can be looked into and ruled in or out prior to birth adding to a more positive outcome since if there is an issue they know in advance and are ready to deal with it at birth. So they may also do some extra testing and monitoring if they think there could be an issue.

SO…hold your head up–all will be fine!! AND you are pregnant :woohoo: !!!


Waiting on beta results. Just got back from the hospital. My RE was closed so the doc who’s been helping me with my back called an order to the lab at the hospital. He isn’t worried about the meds. The main pain med I’ve been on is Dilaudid. He said we’ll avoid anything as much as possible but if we have to we can still even use that. I’ll take the pain. I was hurting pretty good last night but I toughed it out & eventually fell asleep. As long as I stay laying in bed mostly I’m ok. There was another med, Gabapentin, that I’ve been on but it’s been sporadic. Haven’t taken it for a few days now. He said that’s the only one he thought we should avoid no matter what. Not sure how this is all gonna go as far as my back but I’ll take a pregnancy however/whenever I can get it! Our RE had given us a 1-2% chance of conceiving naturally so I’ll do whatever it takes and is within my own power to keep this baby healthy!


Oh, my goodness! I am so excited for you!!!

Sorry about your back, but YAY!!!


Looking forward to hearing how the beta goes and all the other good news you receive :slight_smile: Congrats and best wishes!


Surprised to get a beta of 18,087! I’m pretty sure I’m 5 weeks & 3 days so I guess that’s about right! Still in shock!


I’d say it was for real!!! Congrats. I’m so happy for you. :cheer:


Just wanted to say YAY and congratulations! I tried to cycle with you earlier this year, but had to sit out due to cysts. I am super excited to see that you got your surprise BFP…further proof that good things happen to good people. Best wishes!!


I just wanted to say congratulations! This is such a wonderful story!! :clap:


Hi Shana,

Your story is an amazing miracle and I just wanted to tell you CONGRATS!!!
:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


Congrats!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


What an incredible story! Congratulations!!

Oh, and you can get free or cheap (I don’t remember) betas at Planned Parenthood, as well. Not that you need it now, but for anybody else, it’s probably a lot cheaper and a lot faster than at an ER.


Shana, I don’t know if you remember me but I was in the Jan. IVF forum with you. Just saw your news and wanted to send a big, fat CONGRATULATIONS!! This is so exciting!! I’m wishing you a happy and healthy and uneventful 9 months!



I was with you in January as well. Congratulations! This is amazing and inspiring! Best of luck to you and your family!