Freaking out


I’m going for my HSG today…my heart is literally pounding and I can’t calm down. I’m SO afraid it’s going to be bad news, I don’t know how to handle it if it is. Sorry for babbling but I’m sitting alone in my house just waiting to go and I don’t know how to distract myself. Ugh…please pray for me and think happy, clear tubed thoughts.


Good Luck! Everything will be okay. The procedure is slighly more uncomfortable than some of the others, but not painful at all. The nice thing is you can see everything, and know right away. It not like the torture of waiting for other results.

The only thing at mine was, I thought there would be stirrups and that i would be shoeless. Well, I wasn’t allowed to take my shoes off as I walked through the hospital, or once I got in the room. So I rocked 4 inch platform, peep toe booties, with a hospital gown and then the table was flat and the nurse had to steady my heels on the end of the table. My husband and I still laugh about that day!


Happy thoughts for you and that things are “all clear”!:grouphug:


LOL @ Mannic’s reply. This is being done at IVF Florida, a fertility clinic so I’m assuming there will be stirrups…at least there better be. And to make it worse, my husband couldn’t get the time off to come with me. He tried to switch shifts with someone but it wasn’t happening so I’m dragging my mom. I hate this.


My clinic is attached to a major hospital, so that’s why it was done there. I try to be a lot more thoughtful about what i wear to appointments now.

If I couldn’t have my DH with me, my mom would be the best substitute! But my parents moved to Florida as soon as our journey began. She swears she would fly back to attend any appointments, which is sweet.

But for the most part, since we are self-employed and my brother is a partner, we have great flexibility to go to all appointments together. They’re have been very few times I’ve had to be by myself, and I don’t torture my DH with driving me to the 5 minute B/W appointments.


Chris - sending lots of positive thoughts your way and :pray:ing for good news for you. At the end of the day regardless of your results you’ll be one step closer. At least now, you will know exactly where you stand and you can plan accordingly.

Good luck today!:grouphug:


ALL CLEAR!!! The RE said she saw nothing but a perfectly healthy uterus and beautifully clear tubes!! WOO HOO!!! Now on to the next step. I’m thinking we might try one more cycle of ttc naturally, because a lot of people have said that after having this test, they became pregnant. And then if that doesn’t work, we move on to IUI since my DH does have his motility issue. Of course I’m going to go over all this with the doctor but that’s what I would like to do.

Right now I’m just going to concentrate on having a great weekend and a blessed Easter with my family, his family and my stepson. We had him over last night for dinner and I busted out a dozen eggs and the Paas egg dye and the poor kid (who will be 7 next month) had NEVER colored an easter egg in his life. I was HORRIFIED!! So since we have him on Sunday, and my husband’s niece, I’m going to have a nice Easter egg hunt for them and try to make it as fun a day as possible. Thank GOD this test turned out alright or Easter might have been canceled. I’m actually going to go to church tonight as well because I promised god if this turned out ok, I’d become a better person and attend church regularly. Guess I have to keep my promise now : )

Thank you all sooooooooooooo much for your positive thoughts and well wishes! It means a lot!


Congrads!!! Good news!!!


Thanks so much!!!


Great news Chris! Good luck with the BD this cycle. :dance: :smiley:


Awesome news Chris! Congrats!!!


:clap: for you!!! Congrats! Isn’t it SUCH a relief?!


Oh my God, YES!!! Now we just need to figure out what the hell is gonna get me pregnant! You know, the easy stuff, lol.